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  1. FSD Update: Tesla tells DMV that FSD will NOT be FSD anytime soon

    Perhaps a test permit would only slow down actual testing which speaking as a tech professional makes sense to me. Hack life
  2. Cybertruck’s Yoke-Style Steering Wheel Revealed by Way of Model S and X Updated Interiors?!

    As a UX Designer I am positive they tested against this and have figured out how to stop this from happening. Would think this would be the #1 concern in going with a yoke.
  3. Elon Reconfirms Production Cybertruck Will be Around 3% Smaller. Factory Delivery / Pick Up Will Be Available!

    nice "common sense" approach to covid. True science never has and never will support lockdown measures. If live's saved is the measure of success data shows that we have sacrificed much more than we have saved. And agreed, we have sacrificed younger generations for older. Makes sense though that...
  4. (fake) mini-Cybertruck in Super Bowl ad....

    Yeah based on the commercial as a whole I don’t think they put a lot of effort into accuracy/realism :)
  5. (fake) mini-Cybertruck in Super Bowl ad....

    I saw it.... think it was a Fiverr Ad.
  6. 5 Reasons I Love the Rivian...But Still Buying the Cybertruck (Video)

    we had a 4 door wrangler that could seat 5 until our 4th child was born and had to trade it in for an F-150 that also seats 6. The CT will be replacing that :) not every day that I carry the whole family but always good to have two vehicles that can carry the whole gang.
  7. 5 Reasons I Love the Rivian...But Still Buying the Cybertruck (Video)

    Had CT not been able to seat 6 (my fam size) then I'd have been out. None of the other EV trucks seat 6. At least in the price range. This isn't the best part about the CT but it would have been a deal breaker for me.
  8. Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    Just added my number to list. I ordered within hour of presentation end which placed me about 49,000 - Denver, CO