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  1. richardlpaul

    Who Plans on Towing? And What is Their Plan?

    I am buying a CT purely for the reason of towing. I'll be towing an Airstream with the trimotor. Guessing I'll get 250-300 mile range towing, which will be plenty.
  2. richardlpaul

    Reservation order integrity

    They know my address. I logged into my account to place my CT reservation. Also, just this last week I updated my order for dual motor to tri-motor. Very easy to do.
  3. richardlpaul

    Updating delivery estimates?

    I’m wondering if the Cybertruck Owners Club will update the reservation database to allow folks to report their delivery days. That way we could all get updated delivery estimates based on the production/delivery data. Hopefully we will see 1st deliveries within 6 months from now!
  4. richardlpaul

    Change reservation order from dual motor to tri motor?

    I’m considering switching to tri motor. But I’m way down the in the line, so I have a while before I need to make that decision!
  5. richardlpaul

    SuperChargers along the Alaskan Highway

    I am thinking because so may CT buyers are planning on pulling RVs that they will. I’ve already calculated a drive across I-10 pulling an RV and I can make it a dual motor CT.
  6. richardlpaul

    SuperChargers along the Alaskan Highway

    Right now it’s not possible to drive to Alaska in an electric car. No support along the Alaskan Highway. Just wondering if with the CyberTruck Tesla will install a SuperCharger network enabling visits to Alaska. I want to go there in a CT pulling an RV.
  7. richardlpaul

    Mirrors for towing

    So if the CT isn’t going to have a spot for mirrors, how are we going to tow? Most trucks get towing mirrors installed so they can see their rigs better. Can’t see that cameras will be able to see down the side of an RV.
  8. richardlpaul

    Towing Camping Trailers

    I did some calculations on the dual motor with towing and even the dual motor can make it charger to charger across I-10. Also consider when towing a camper (I’m planning on getting an airstream) that you will often be stopping at campgrounds with 30 and 50 amp outlets that can charge the CT.
  9. richardlpaul

    RV Brake Controller?

    I mean the brake controller to control the brakes on a towable RV
  10. richardlpaul

    RV Brake Controller?

    Wondering what Tesla will do on the CT for handling an RV brake controller. Make it a built in option or support third party boxes?
  11. richardlpaul

    Who Plans on Towing? And What is Their Plan?

    My plan is to tow a 23 foot Airstream. My whole reason for getting a CT is to tow the airstream!
  12. richardlpaul

    Found a great EV power/charging solution

    There is also still a rumor they will reduce it by 3% so it fits in standard garages and parking places.
  13. richardlpaul

    Found a great EV power/charging solution

    I have measured my garage against the original CT spec, and yes it will fit. I have other neighbors with dual cab Pickups with full size beds and they fit too. I have to because our stupid homeowners association does not allow cars to be parked in the driveway or street. In a pinch, I have a...
  14. richardlpaul

    Found a great EV power/charging solution

    My charger is the middle of the garage wall for my Model 3. Once I get the CT I’ll just have to swap them around to charge. Cable should reach no matter where the put it on the CT.
  15. richardlpaul

    Found a great EV power/charging solution

    Agree. This make sense on the CT for when it’s towing.
  16. richardlpaul

    Front Bumpers + License Plates

    ‘Magnets….always with the magnets”