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  1. Musk references Solar Power Option and Solar Wings

    This would be game changing for the "but where you gonna plug it in when camping/off road?" crowd. I would love to see the sail panels store additional wings to deploy.
  2. Possible configurations

    Sounds like they will be offering a wrap instead of paint - one, because stainless steel and two, they don't need a paint booth, etc. So basically the sky will be the limit as far as colors, patterns, etc. I am sure it will get crazy. Other than the self driving features, perhaps an offroad...
  3. New Members Welcome Area!

    Put my deposit down too. Guess we shall see where this thing ends up. I too will replace a 2019 Ram Rebel with this or a Rivian. Interestingly there is a bit of work to do. Motor Trend says that it is currently unibody on frame but will be full unibody in final form. That's a bit of engineering...
  4. Broken window

    It was said they threw the balls at the windows 50-60 times that day without them breaking. Perhaps they were stressed too much from previous absuse.
  5. Cybertruck Tires

    Tires are GoodYear Wrangler MT-R with Kevlar treads on custom carcasses. Probably 35x12 in size.