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  1. Old School Meets New Tek

    I plan on towing my 1948 airstream clipper with the cybertruck, 22 feet long 2000 pounds, very aerodynamic, the beauty and the beast
  2. CyberTrailer for the Cybertruck. This is how I will roll.

    I LIKE THE DESIGN BUT I wOULD MAKE A SMALLER VERSION WITH TRADITIONAL hitch so I could utilize the vault but then again I don't need two double beds
  3. Article: Who Is *Actually* Going To Buy A Tesla Cybertruck?

    Retired and would replace my bmw x5 diesel with it, tri motor, use it primarily to drive to Mammoth from santa barbara to ski, tow my 1948 curtiss wright clipper trailer to vintage trailer rallies and road trips. I have a kona ev which is great for local trips and a small diesel motorhome for...
  4. brake controller operation

    any thoughts on if the brake controller will begin to engage the trailer brakes only after the brake pedal is depressed or is it controlled by when the brake lights engage during regen mode?
  5. Funny Cybertruck images & videos

    cyber tear drop sold in california
  6. Tesla and the Cybertruck camper market

    here is a teardrop that resembles a ct, polydrop, they just need to make a much larger version
  7. Cybertruck Towing during cross-country trek

    everyting has been replaced on my 1952 Crown 14, new siding, studs, floor, birch interior walls and cabinets, electric and gas, and windows the only thing original on the trailer is the frame, door and suspension, do you have a source for vintage trailer windows, my wife is rebuilding hers and...
  8. cyber scooter

    Just bought this scooter which should look pretty good in the vault
  9. Cybertruck Towing during cross-country trek

    When towing this trailer with my 2018 bmw x5 diesel I only see about 30% drop which would roughly translate to a 350 mile range with the trimotor, another beneficial factor is in california the speed limit is lower when towing, sometimes when towing my very small utility trailer i get...
  10. Cybertruck Towing during cross-country trek

    I have a 14' canned ham vintage trailer weighing 2000 pounds and pretty aerodynamic, any estimates on how much that would reduce my range by?