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  1. Calling New Jersey Cybertruck Order Holders

    Another Gloucester County, put down a deposit reveal night in November
  2. Secret CybrTrk reservation holder

    I hear it from everyone! I had a CPO i3, now I have a 2019 Bolt. They are ugly, dorky, "what if you run out of charge", "you can't charge it at home" (yeah I do and its WAY cheaper than my Tundra), the electricity that you use is still hurting the earth, etc. It is really just the common hatred...
  3. Matte Black / Gray Cybertruck Spotted at Tesla Design Studio?

    Not what I meant. Just noticed it’s the different angle makes it look lighter
  4. Matte Black / Gray Cybertruck Spotted at Tesla Design Studio?

    Notice the front where there is a distinct line between matte and stainless. I am guessing wrap
  5. Cybertruck Spotted Testing Tonight in LA! [Updated With Video]

    I think tires and wheels are the same. The reflecting light makes the wheels look lighter. Really nice to see it out
  6. Vandalism concerns

    Thankful for sentry
  7. Vandalism concerns

    Good Morning. I bet we have all seen videos of people keying and coal rolling Teslas. They are the same people who park in charging spots with ICE. This type of misplaced anger is unfortunately pretty commonplace. I am concerned that people are going to try to test the integrity of the...