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  1. Lasttoy

    Giant Cybertruck silhouette starting to appear on GigaTexas factory facade

    I really hope they give tours? I'll walk the mile from one end to the other. I do two miles every morning. 😁
  2. Lasttoy

    Cybertruck takeaways from AI Day: coming in about a year & getting upgraded AI hardware for FSD

    I'm 80, I can't wait forever. I'll take 3 now, no FSD. Current AP is enough to make me very happy. Can I have a test mule to drive?? I have 186k miles on my S now. Turn me lose with a mule and watch me go😁
  3. Lasttoy

    CT rear bumper is not a bumper

    Federal law states crash protection. Front and rear. What ever ends up there will have to be crash tested. We have plastic outside of our reenforced structure now. Look at pictures of what's behind our plastic. No reason to get concerned now.
  4. Lasttoy

    Joe sicked his dogs on Tesla [Deleted due to POLITICS]

    Something missing here. First it says accident involving parked responders. Then it mentions the dumb butts that were at fault. Also, only less than 20for a billion miles. This a fishing expedition. Just like the idiot in Houston who killed himself and buddy showing off. Or man asleep in...
  5. Lasttoy

    Cybertruck Collision Alerts

    My body shop buddy was asking about replacing a fender? I said good luck. He giggled. Just pray we don't get in a wreak.
  6. Lasttoy

    Ideas where the charge port will be on the Cybertruck?

    Excuse me, stainless steel doesn't rust. I will bet it where the one is now because all of us current owners have our cables wired into or homes in a certain place to charge our cars now. We aren't going to re wire our houses. Especially if we have more than one Tesla.
  7. Lasttoy

    Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    No reason to rush. We can wait till next year. Think , forward. More gadgets added. Better software, think Plaid SW. I'm not in a hurry, I'd rather wait three to six months to have MORE standard items in the CT. Not options to pay extra for later. I bet the option list will drive price to...
  8. Lasttoy

    Rear Wheel Steering

    Think about self parking if we have rear wheel movement. Sure would make it easier.
  9. Lasttoy

    Stainless Steel in Hot Sun

    Talking about cooling. Our cars don't have tinted windshield. I cut a silver windshield screen to fit top of dash. Covered it with black towel. Now air doing from vents is really cold cause it ain't cooling dash. I put same dash screen up on sunroof, now my head don't get fried after six hours...
  10. Lasttoy

    Carbon wrapped rotor motor…

    From a strictly money standpoint. It would be more cost effective to just produce one motor for every model car. Less parts inventory, one assembly line. One trainng line for technicians. It would make every aspect cheaper, faster, better. In economics that a win, win, win for profit. One...
  11. Lasttoy

    A More Useful Frunk

    I asked my electrician, he said no way. Houses are powered by AMP service. He said my houses pulls over 100amps. He asked how the charger cable would reverse the current draw to input flow??
  12. Lasttoy

    Tire size?

    Has anyone gotten close enough to see the tire size???
  13. Lasttoy

    Tesla Supercharger network reaches 25,000-charger milestone

    As a owner of a antique that needs a charge often when on the road, I'm very happy. For example, no supercharger in Charleston SC. Unbelievable.
  14. Lasttoy

    Tesla is set for another fight against unionization, this time over Gigafactory Berlin

    I dealt with the unions for 10 years there. They are ruthless. Worse than UAW. Yes they want to say they want good work condition, but it's all about union dues. Remember, money is power. It's BS Tesla is breaking the German laws. How many workers u see quiting?? Zero. How many citations...
  15. Lasttoy

    Size, wheel base?

    Elon stated truck was too big, wouldn't fit in normal garage. Neither did my F350 dually. Has anyone seen? Or know the width and wheel base?? Sorry, I can't find the info, I need it to know if it will fit on my trailer? If not, then I have get bigger trailer. My S barely fits now, I had to...