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  1. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    yeah, it sure SEEMS like on a fresh account with only a CT preorder it would be straightforward to change all the contact information to a purchaser of the reservation slot. I just checked - name/email/address/phone all can be updated directly on the profile. Only if Tesla went back to the...
  2. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    AMAZING reply, FutureBoy! Thank you so much, that is really a much better way... potentially. I'll clearly have to do further research!
  3. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    Huge Tesla nerd here, but messed up and somehow my reservation was not processed by Tesla on the unveiling night. I didn't figure that out for months, so my reservation slot is 432000! If anyone has a slot in the first, say, 50,000 for a Tri-Motor version, I would love to talk with you about...