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  1. Confirmed: Cybertruck Will Have a Heat Pump

    This is the most helpful clarification I've seen in years. So simple, so true, albeit counter-intuitive when used to C or F. Thank you!
  2. I ain't like you.

    I'm not!
  3. 10x Bigger New Tesla Battery Plant Approved

    10 000 120 kWh battery packs. Or slightly fewer CTs.
  4. How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    Don't need one, would never in a million years buy an ICE pickup. But the Cybertruck ticks all my boxes, and unlike many I loved the design and inherent functionality at first sight. Paid deposit within 10 minutes. Wish it was a meter shorter and a bit narrower, but I'm not going to wait for the...
  5. Article: Who Is *Actually* Going To Buy A Tesla Cybertruck?

    This is a fascinating topic, and it will be very interesting indeed to see the answer in a few years - who are the actual owners? I have always bought sensible cars from a 'best value'-perspective, and currenty own two old diesels. One VW 7-seat minivan, which my wife puts 25000+ kms on per...
  6. Will you use Cybertruck as a daily driver? What are you trading in?

    Daily driver, will scrap my (now) 270k miles Audi A6 Quattro, IF I manage to keep it running another two years anyway. The cam belt is 20k miles overdue, will have to get to it soon - but that will be the last friggin cam belt I ever change, so help me (insert your deity of choice). Love the...
  7. So I had to finally watch Blade Runner ...

    Didn't like the cars much, though. Cybertruck is soo much better.
  8. Are you new to Tesla?

    (Probably) first EV, first Tesla, first pickup. I *need* nothing more than a midsize SUV-type EV with decent range (Y-ish), but I *want* a Cybertruck so bad. Rust proof, dent proof, no paint chipping, roomy, 4x4, totally badass - I'll probably get the next smaller version as well, if it's ever...