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    Samsung is manufacturing Tesla’s next-gen HW4.0 for Cybertruck at it's Hwaseong factory, not Austin.

    Samsung is manufacturing Tesla’s next-gen HW4.0 self-driving chip for 2022 Not many Tesla owners might know this, but the renowned autonomous driving system is in part made possible by Samsung. Tesla’s first-generation self-driving chip was manufactured by Samsung, and this collaboration...
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    GM unveils new electric motors that will power its future EVs, starting with Hummer EV

    GM has unveiled its latest series of new electric motors that will power its future electric vehicles, starting with the Hummer EV. With the Bolt EV coming out in 2016, GM has been selling electric vehicles for a long time, but the automaker has also been stuck on older EV technology. GM is...
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    Deserted factories show how China's electric car boom went too far

    Deserted factories show how China's electric car boom went too far Serves as potential warning sign for investors who've poured money into EV makers and technologies Author of the article: Bloomberg News A yet to be opened showroom for China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group Ltd.'s...
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    I wonder what the Cybertruck will tow?

    Model X towing a Boeing Dreamliner
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    Toyota CEO: Going All-EV Could Cost Japan Millions Of Jobs

    Toyota CEO: Going All-EV Could Cost Japan Millions Of Jobs "In achieving carbon neutrality, the enemy is carbon dioxide, not internal combustion," Akio Toyoda argues. Sep 20, 2021 at 6:51am ET 87 By: Dan Mihalascu Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, who is also the chairman of Japan’s automaker...
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    Fearing battery fires after recalls, people are selling their Chevy Bolt EVs back to GM

    (CNN)After Bart Schoenfeld's Chevrolet Bolt EV was recalled for the second time, he'd had enough. GM had warned that some of the cars could have a manufacturing defect that might cause them to catch fire. For safety's sake, the automaker recommended Bolt owners restrict their use of the car to...
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    $TSLA - $1,000,000,000,000.00 Market Cap in 2022

    TSLA Market Cap: $754 billion Sector: Automotive (US) Estimated year to hit $1 trillion: 2022 Average annual growth rate: 123.87%
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    What is this?

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    A team of students from ETH Zurich and other universities has taken second place in a tunneling competition hosted by billionaire business magnate and entrepreneur Elon Musk. The team, named Swissloop Tunneling, also won the competition’s Innovation & Design Award for their 2.5-ton tunnel...
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    Bridgestone aims for EV tires to make up 90% of sales by 2030

    Bridgestone aims for EV tires to make up 90% of sales by 2030 Change comes amid price war with players from China and South Korea Tires for EVs are 20% lighter because they use less rubber and other materials than tires made for gas-powered cars. (Photo courtesy of Bridgestone) SHIZUKA TANABE...
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    Elon Musk says ‘there are UFOs’ sparking Twitter frenzy as Congress to set up unit to probe mystery craft

    ELON Musk has sparked a Twitter frenzy after he said there were UFOs as Congress moved to set up a unit to probe mysterious crafts detected by the US military. The SpaceX CEO comments come after he said he believed that civilisations might have existed in our galaxy. Three months ago the...
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    A Tesla Co-Founder Aims To Build an Entire U.S. Battery Industry

    A Tesla Co-Founder Aims To Build an Entire U.S. Battery Industry Redwood Materials, led by J.B. Straubel, is planning a massive new factory to move $25 billion of the battery supply chain from Asia to the U.S. By Tom Randall September 14, 2021, 7:35 AM CDT Redwood Materials Inc., the battery...
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    Elon Musk claims Ford and auto worker union wrote the new electric car incentive bill

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk commented on the new federal electric car incentive reform proposed by the Democrats, which includes a big benefit for unions. Musk alleged that Ford and the United Auto Workers union wrote the new piece of legislation. As we reported last week, the Democrats unveiled the...
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    Tesla FSD Beta 10.1 would be capable of reversing maneuvers

    ByMaria Merano Tesla CEO Elon Musk now announced an upcoming FSD Beta capability to make the driver-assist system operate even more humanlike. Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta is designed to be an eventual replacement for a competent human driver. And while the current iteration of the advanced...
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    Tesla Model S with tilting display spotted in the wild

    ByMaria Merano When Tesla listed the refreshed Model S and Model X in its online configurator earlier this year, the company made it a point to indicate a number of key features that are coming to the flagship sedan and SUV. These include a swiveling display, which would allow drivers and...
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    The New Union-Focused EV Tax Credit Bonus & American-Made Tax Credit Cut Proposed In The House Is Stupid

    By Zachary Shahan First, a word on how legislation is made in the USA, in the simplest effective way I can formulate it right now: If a bill is going to be passed into law, most members of the House of Representatives, most members of the Senate, and the President of the United States need to...
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    Toyota says it will fight U.S. House electric vehicle tax plan

    WASHINGTON, Sept 11 (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) said Saturday it will sharply oppose a proposal by Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to give union-made electric vehicles in the United States an additional $4,500 tax incentive.
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    Tesla Isn't Selling a Car, It's Selling an Experience

    What Tesla Gets That Apple Understood Before It By Liraz Margalit | Sep 9, 2021 Tesla is approaching a playground that previously only Apple played in. Take a look at Apple's products. The functionality is no better than competitors' products. Yet the company has managed to brand them as...
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    Chinese Tesla rival XPeng plans new vehicles and targets a distant future in robots and flying cars

    KEY POINTS Chinese electric carmaker XPeng is exploring areas including robotics and flying cars, which could play a role in its longer-term goals. He Xiaopeng, CEO of XPeng, said the company is building a research and development team for flying cars that will “have a few hundred people.” He...