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  1. rr6013

    Latest Emergency Vehicle Collision in Houston

    Tesla hits TX vehicles parked roadside I have an idea, almost a theory. Emergency lights are intermittent flashes. Tesla hardware refresh rates, frequency and scan components are synching coincident with flashes in the “off” state. Off enough to disrupt and disable Tesla AP algorithms. Its a...
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    Robotaxis might not save…

    Why robotaxis might not save the planet Automating Uber and Lyft with Tesla EV robotaxis would increase greenhouse gases by 55%.
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    Battery packs mixed or stirred?

    CATL Na battery news In a nod to software defined functionality, CATL abstracts Sodium battery chemistry attributes then hints a potential mixed pack scheme is one possibility. R&D is missing to integrate chemistries within one pack. Efficiency, scale and cost remain to determine incentive even...
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    ARGUMENT FOR distributed (solar) energy, VPP and V2G

    I’m for hardening the attack surface for the detrimental reliance society has on monopoly power(as in electrical). What if it were true that utility scale energy storage can be price competitive with battery and obsolete battery storage in the next decade(2030)? ARGUMENT FOR reasoning NOW...
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    Petrol-based Cybertruck.v. Soy-based please

    Going full VEGAN getting off petroleum has its side-effects. Tesla considers electrical wiring coated in soy-based insulation - as consumable thus not covered by warranty along with tires, brake pads and filters. 🙃 Preventative maintenance is called a...
  6. rr6013

    New fabric material cools with zero-energy Good News, Elon. it comes in Tesla white…waterproof and won’t snag on fishing hooks. OK, fish hooks remain the bain of truck interiors but free cool seats? Count me in!
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    Off-topic: nothing to see here - Tesla Van

    VW get vans, van people and passenger vans. OK delivery not so much. The T series van - quintessential What would a T-6/Cybertruck bab look like?
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    Off-topic keep moving - M2

    The Mythical $20k BEV Stole this img off the internet to illustrate exoskelton, structural glazing and next electric design in Tesla lineup - this ain’t it. It needs Hans poly treatment, cyber illumination scheme and structural battery. But it reminds me of a model that I owned 3 versions that...
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    Wolverine .v. Maverick.vs.Cyberttruck

    Wolverine==F-150 Cybertruck==F-250
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    Hoof beats do you think Zebra or Horse?

    Model S PLAID 18650 or 4680? Not adding up are weight specifications .vs. performance numbers posted. Unbelievable. And uncanny! HORSE This is a mistake or a typo. What are the odds Elon misspoke 18650? BUT math don’t lie. It does not add up if 18650. Did Tesla publish the incorrect battery...
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    FORD releases F-150 LIGHTNING mini-Me “Maverick” What’s really interesting is the...
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    Elon’s Diner for Superchargers? Joe’s Diner meets Elon! This is gonna be one mother of disruption. Have some lighthearted foodie fun while you get supercharged! One item on the menu should be: LIGHTNING FRIES
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    Air suspension that Rolls over bumps

    Yeah, that Rolls Royce. It came up with a static device that dampens vibrations inside the cabin from small harmonic types of divits, bumps and annoying tar lines in the roadway. See URL: Brilliant KISS engineering which I hope Tesla‘s air suspension can replicate. I...
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    ICE proposed EOL 2035 This would be faster if all states banned sales of new ICE engines. Petroleum based fuel would phase out +20 so 2055 no more gasoline. Synthetic fuels will rise to fill the demand thereafter.
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    Charging Rivian .v. Tesla Maps
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    TSLA map

    TSLA irons in the fire are too great to grok extemporaneously. This mapping exercise helps with complexity. If this helps anybody, great. It sorts scope and scale. A timeline is another exercise not needed yet. Its created with file type, a free app Enjoy… update: Map...
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    6.5% of EV drivers in TEAXS who experienced an outage had battery energy storage system

    PlugShare reports 6.5% of EV drivers who experienced an outage had a battery energy storage system installed at their homes. These systems, like Tesla’s Powerwall, made it possible to charge an EV even when the grid had completely shut down. One EV owner told PlugShare: ”We experienced 42 grid...
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    First principles pondering

    TEXAS…asserts $17k electricity bill is consumer’s stupidity, due and owing. In the internet swiped image (above) of Elon what could he be_pondering_. Why? Whichever way Future plays out Elon positioned Tesla with a suite of technological advances to provide it “first mover” advantage...