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  1. BuzzMega

    Consumer Reports: Tesla's New Steering Yoke Shows Little Benefit and Potential Safety Pitfalls

    Another fear, uncertainty and doubt Tesla article from Consumer Report’s writers after weeks of thoroughly adapted testing of a new feature. Not.
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    Tesla's AI Day Event Did A Great Job Convincing Me They're Wasting Everybody's Time

    Incredible how many people missed the central significant point of AI Day. It’s not a quick and easy point to reiterate, so you’ll get no crib sheet here. Just let it be said that it (the point) was large, wide ranging, significant and vital to the next steps of societal evolution. In one...
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    Cybertruck Horn

    A tenor voice saying, “HEY! What the heck?!??” (I cleaned that up.)
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    Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    So, when you accidentally slam the door on your fingers, trapping yourself, what do you wiggle to break free?
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    Cost to upgrade order?

    How does one “upgrade” their Cybertruck order from “$7000 FSD, RWD” to “$7000 FSD, 2 - motor”? - I just wish to increase my order and pay the difference. Things have changed. Now it’s doable. - I don’t want to be penalized for buying a more capable Cybertruck. - And I don’t want to lose my...
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    3 to 4 year backlog?

    Elon needed a whole bunch of StarLink satellites to make his StarLink network work. “Curses!” he shouted at the yellow pad on his desk. “Each one of these damn things takes 80 hours to build and I can’t wait for two weeks for the next.” Wiping a tear from the corner of his eye, he cried, “I...
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    Air suspension and tire in/deflation from cab

    The most expensive words in any language are: “All you have to do is...”
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    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    How do we interpret order numbers as a function of priority? I’ve ordered the rwd one which is anticipated to start being built in late 2022.
  9. BuzzMega

    Versatility? This ain't a truck.

    Right. The extended perception of this machine takes previously listed attributes, puts them in a blender and purées the idea into a new drink. My own take labels it as a ”safety limo with giant trunk (SLWGT)”. Everybody gets to define it for themselves.
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    Da Futcha

    At this hour (1/3/20) we are speculating based on non-Cybertruck experiences, guesswork and hope. The things we don't know would make a bigger book than the things we know, but here's an interesting side note: In the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles last autumn was a series of small...