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  1. Cybertruck dashboard, wasted space?

    I agree. Would really like a second screen behind the wheel and/or Yoke (similar to the M-S). would pay extra for that addition.
  2. New steering wheel hint?

    I would still like to have an additional screen behind the steering wheel like the M6. Would pay extra for that option
  3. How do I know my FSD is locked in

    I'm also getting worried. I ordered early December 2019 Dual motor AWD and FSD FSD showed $7000. Now it shows $10000 Does anyone know how do we confirm original FSD price ? ? ?
  4. Why no HUD? (On any Tesla?)

    I'm not too interested in the HUD or no HUD, but would pay extra for an additional screen behind the steering wheel like the M S has.
  5. Update: Cybertruck Will Keep Concept's Size, But Separate Smaller Cybertruck Likely!

    Happy that the original is not going to be down-sized, but would still like to see the windows lowered and the belt line more horizontal as show in some of the proposed smaller concepts. Also would be pleased if the overall length could be decreased a few inches as long as the cabin area and...
  6. Cybertruck Interior Colors and Materials

    I understand the need to minimize interior color options, But I don't think White will be very popular. White may be fine in some vehicles, not so good in a truck. I suggest, scrap the white and replace with either a tan or medium gray.
  7. Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    2/21/2020 Dual Motor RN113179383 FSD Austin, TX