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  1. Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    LOL, good try Jeff, but after doing the reservation math, I’m at 400,000, I ordered a second cybertruck, reservation around 1 million, so in 4 years I can get my first, and get my. Second one in 8. Since I already need a truck, I preordered a lightning and a rivian, to hold me over till the...
  2. Is production timeline realistic?

    It took China 10 months to build their plant, with 2 more months to produce. Also, since this will be two plants, with the Cyber truck not needing a pain shop, the Cyber truck side could be completed even earlier. Overall, I believe there is plenty of time still.
  3. When I pay the hundred dollar deposit is there monthly payments till the full payment is made at del

    That's the best idea, you may end up making as much on the Tesla stock, than what the truck will cost.
  4. Secret CybrTrk reservation holder

    I hope you both got the three motor, or in the very least the two motor.
  5. Cybertruck production - how many produced per day

    Simple enough, a thousand the first week, a eleven hundred the second week, fifteen hundred the third week, and a million the fourth week. :)
  6. Cybertruck Financing - Current Tesla owners chime in (please)

    Very true, I too would like to know more about the CT reliability before I purchase, that's why I waited a month before putting in my order, hoping that the truck would be out for a year, before my reservation comes up.
  7. Cybertruck Financing - Current Tesla owners chime in (please)

    I put my money in the stock, hopefully in three years it will increase enough to pay for the CT in full. Having said that, it is a risk, as with any stock, but if you expect the CT to be out in 3 years, it is highly likely the stock will be much higher than it is now.
  8. Queue

    I'm guessing there is, I ordered a couple of weeks ago, and I'm at 430,000 or so in line. I suspect I'll be lucky to get mine in 2023.