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  1. SHorzy

    We need to push Tesla & Elon to speed up the delivery of CT

    Just a little patience people. Although waiting is hard, it will be better than we expected when it does
  2. SHorzy

    Cybertruck windshield

    I cant wait for armour glass! almost every year we have to replace our windshield. Talk about an old business model that keeps repeat business going… must have been designed by (and improvements held back) by the legacy companies.
  3. SHorzy

    Rear Wheel Steering

    perhaps a separate thread on taxes then.
  4. SHorzy

    Rear Wheel Steering

    really? try and keep on CT not politics and other shit not related at all. 👎
  5. SHorzy

    Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    in central BC, we get ice at times. more often icy roads but a few times a year we can get an iced layer encasing the vehicle. usually this is when it is only sortta cold. ie -5 to -10C but sometimes we get stupid cold of -35 to -40C. Using cabin heat to defrost the vault, as would apply to...
  6. SHorzy

    FSD Beta V9 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    just did twenty hours of highway driving and I can honestly say I can’t wait for FSD to make kids and everybody safer. Saw at least 20 morons who can’t see more than 20 feet in front of themselves. So stupidly slow to think ahead and make good decisions. I mean when you are on a two lane heading...
  7. SHorzy

    FSD Beta V9 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    I had the pleasure of a fun ride in a M3 last weekend. The navigate on autopilot was so cool! I thought it was doing incredible but found it odd that it suggested a U turn at a 3 lane controlled intersection. Is that legal anywhere?
  8. SHorzy

    Musk confirms: HVAC in bed vault, probably bed access from second row, partial bio-defense mode

    Actually pressurization isn’t even rocket science. lol. just need a fan that can create enough pressure and volume to overcome the total leakage plus whatever positive pressure setpoint you want to maintain.
  9. SHorzy

    Rear Wheel Steering

    My Dad had a fairing mounted on the headache rack for his rv. made huge difference in mileage. They called it a wing.
  10. SHorzy

    Tesla should contact customers in RESERVATION # ORDER, regardless of motor choice... right?

    Absolutely agree - my F350 was my first and last F… Agree vehicles get cheaper - we have our 2012 RAV still way past warranty- but I don’t trust anything F makes to last beyond. its warranty. Reliability was just one of many reasons I can’t wait for our CT3
  11. SHorzy

    FSD Beta V9 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    Tesla makes the safest vehicles made today. Their software is the best and gets better continuously. To keep your children safe, wrap them in bubble wrap and keep them in their rooms. (kidding of course!). Children drive in cars. I believe they are safer in a Tesla, regardless. Within the FSD...
  12. SHorzy

    Tesla should contact customers in RESERVATION # ORDER, regardless of motor choice... right?

    Can so relate to many comments here. Sold my F350 recently just as warranty expired. What an F that truck got! Being without a truck sucks, but having a lemon is worse. Really want my CT3. Hopefully early spring 2022. Not much we can do about when we will all get our Cybertrucks, so we need...
  13. SHorzy

    Rear Wheel Steering

    Tighter turning radius will make the CT so much easier to park. Our parking is designed for small cars, making a truck difficult at times. Hopefully drive by wire is implemented so we get variable power steering. Can’t wait!!
  14. SHorzy

    Naming your CyberTruck

    got our CT3 personalized license plate the other day. looks hilarious on our RAV4. when we get CT we will xfer it over TSLA-EH still back and forth as to the CT name.
  15. SHorzy

    ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    i plan on keeping our CT3 for 15 years or more. guess the last years are more free cash.
  16. SHorzy

    Video: Cybertruck Lowered Rear Air Suspension and Drops Tailgate Ramp @ Giga Texas

    be awesome to hear from Tesla what the final vault dimensions and weight limits are!! This amazing tailgate eliminates the need for a ramp! sooo can’t wait for our Cybertruck
  17. SHorzy

    CT porcupine proof?

    Brake lines and fuel lines absolutely. for fact! Kokanee Galcier! Tires, not so sure first hand but, had heard they do. also curious if CT will be safe from...
  18. SHorzy

    CT porcupine proof?

    It is not their quills. they eat rubber
  19. SHorzy

    CT porcupine proof?

    ok everyone laughed (hopefully) about porcupine proof tires..... or not. we might also need beaver safe tires. betting ppl saw the beaver eating through fibre internet cable to Tumbler Ridge, BC, Canada. eh?
  20. SHorzy

    When to install the garage charger for your CT

    I have already ordered the gen3 charger and will get it installed next month. Hard getting trades so didn’t want to be without. Can’t wait for our CT3!