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  1. Image of new Cybertruck with a polished stainless steel finish?

    I liked your comment mostly bc of your username.
  2. How to handle the door handles?

    I would love to see either the rectangular door handle shape from the reveal prototype or the M3/MY handle shape etched, stamped, or printed in/on to the steel. Bonus points if the "handles" were buttons that would activate the door. Obviously, your phone or key card/fob would still be needed to...
  3. The Exoskeleton

    The CT still has a "frame" - the battery pack + front & rear castings. The cabin just isn't made of steel panels over a steel body.
  4. Making the case for side rearview mirrors...

    Sure, rearview cameras seem cool and futuristic and the lines of the CT look **perfect** as is - but - without side mirrors what will protect my elbow from pebbles and love bugs when I'm cruisin'...?
  5. Underbody lighting

    Laws down here in Florida are more of a suggestion... 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Underbody lighting

    I imagine a lot of people are going to trick out their CTs with sick wraps and lighting but I think it'd be so cool for Tesla to have an underbody lighting package that let you control the lights using the dash touch screen and/or app.