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  1. Electrek: Dems propose new $12,500 electric car rebate, Tesla left with $4,500 disadvantage

    Would this apply to purchases already made in 2021?
  2. Mass Production - when, if ever

    Forget the low production volumes, when will Tesla start cranking out over 150k or more per year? I’m thinking 2023 at earliest given that we don’t have final design specs yet.
  3. Updating delivery estimates?

    I don’t see mass production til 2023
  4. What would prevent your purchase?

    Continual delays and deception by Elon. Not sure why the guy can’t be more transparent. It’s a double edge sword… if it doesn’t start mass producing in early to mid 2022, I’ll want to bail out. That said, longer it takes, more people will buy rivian or Ford which means more CT cancellations...
  5. 1.4 MILLION Reservations for the Cybertruck, and Counting!!!

    Well, let’s hope I’m right and you’re wrong… well both get our trucks more quickly.
  6. 1.4 MILLION Reservations for the Cybertruck, and Counting!!!

    Yes, as others have indicated… anything is a swag at this point. My reasons for suggesting that % are 1. Tesla likely won’t build the single model, there is 7%. 2. One of the cars had a 24% attrition rate with a much higher deposit requirement… so count on 24% 3.I would estimate at least 10-15...
  7. 1.4 MILLION Reservations for the Cybertruck, and Counting!!!

    This doesn’t work, I get 2.5 million after the subtraction…
  8. 1.4 MILLION Reservations for the Cybertruck, and Counting!!!

    Tesla will not allow you to sell your spot.
  9. 1.4 MILLION Reservations for the Cybertruck, and Counting!!!

    You’re not factoring in order attrition, probably 40-60 percent of orders will cancel. Also, trimodels will likely be produced first so your reservation number is not the only driver of delivery timeline.
  10. Cybertruck bodies?

    If you look closely, the shipping label “from” address shows as Area 51… so I’m thinking these are definitely CT forms…
  11. Q2 Earnings: Whats coming

    He said it, just not in clear direct ways. I would use this example… if somebody says the car will be built on time but we can’t source the battery, engine, tires or seats… which would you believe?
  12. Q2 Earnings: Whats coming

    Maybe I should rephrase the question, which comes first… cybertruck or cheap spacex flight to the moon…I’d say 50/50 at this point.
  13. FSD Beta V9 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    Put simply...I'd never do it...the only other company that is worse regarding rolling out betas before their time is Microsoft...not much physical danger to humans from that. I don't think Tesla really factors in the general stupidity of the male species when they roll out these betas...
  14. Q2 Earnings: Whats coming

    What CT news do we anticipate hearing today? Delivery timeline, Giga Austin ahead or behind...thoughts? Please add a final word to describe how you anticipate feeling at end of earnings call....happy or sad!!
  15. Severe Winter Weather

    What, if any testing has been done in severe cold, snowy conditions?
  16. Elon Musk: Superchargers open to all other EVs later this year.

    Not sure what a MOAT is...but pretty sure I'm not one! BK
  17. All things factored in

    Great analysis…. Hope your timeline comes true!!!
  18. All things factored in

    Thanks, already done that and it spit out august 2024. Didn’t think spreadsheet factored in cancellations…
  19. All things factored in

    Ordered the tri motor with all options two weeks ago, given all the variables (cancellations, production output, ordering higher end model) what is rough estimate of delivery year.