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  1. Q2 Earnings: Whats coming

    Don’t know how some of you guys are missing this. 4680 is still not ready. They’re having problems. Im usually glass is half full, but it was VERY obvious that CT will not begin production this year. I would bet that there are NO cybertruck deliveries this year. In fact, from the sound of...
  2. First look at the Cybertruck’s 8,000-ton Giga Press!

    Will this factory only build CybertruckS? Or are they planning on multiple lines here?
  3. New here! Some thoughts on Cybertruck

    Hey yall! So, Ive never been interested in cars or trucks AT ALL. I basically grew up in a dealership and that seemed to of made me numb to cars. My dad has owned and ran new car dealerships my entire life, so they would always drive new and different cars. Ive always thought it was...
  4. Are we thinking there will be a re-shuffle of orders?

    Once more information and a bigger down payment is required, are we thinking there will be a complete reshuffle of “place in line”? If they came out in a month or so and said “More details, plus pick your dealership and put down deposit“ do you think a new order will be formed?