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  1. Badassfunction

    Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    Expected to see mine at Christmas 2022, best case scenario, mid 2023 likely before this announcement (#85457). My guess: he’s prioritizing his rocket production with the steel the new mill will be putting out until they are marching along full speed; 4680 production in quantities for Cybertruck...
  2. Badassfunction

    Dashboard colour update in Gig Texas photos

    Saw the latest photos of the CT in Texas and noticed the all white dash, changed from the marble look in the initial reveal. Does anybody know anything about this material, like how one would go about changing its colour so that it lasts and still looks professional. Can it be painted? If so...
  3. Badassfunction

    If a full size AND mid size Cybertruck were available, what size would you order?

    Owned a Tacoma, F150. Suburban, minivan (Villager), each having their own advantages and disadvantages, be it, good passenger comfort but not suitable to carry dirty loads, or pigs on gas but otherwise good , or economical all around, but less cargo capacity and tight passenger quarters. The...
  4. Badassfunction

    Let's be honest - who disliked and/or was repulsed by the Cybertruck when they first saw it?

    I was definitely shocked when I first saw it. Liked it and hated at the same time. The more I looked at the specs the more I was blown away and have to have it. I ordered it the morning after the reveal and kept going over every image I could find of the CT on the net, until it dawned on me. The...
  5. Badassfunction

    Reservations by trims and locations as of April 27, 2020

    Should say 800km tri-motor. (Darn autocorrect!)
  6. Badassfunction

    Reservations by trims and locations as of April 27, 2020

    Don’t know if you’ve ever been to Canada, but there are a shit ton of pickups here. SUVs are really taking off too. Other than during Covid 19 Pandemic we usually get ROYALLY screwed on the price of gasoline. What are the 2 worse mileage personal vehicle classes? Cybertruck fills both niches...
  7. Badassfunction

    NO SIDE MIRRORS (Side View Cameras Instead)

    Your expectation would be wrong. My model 3 ( which I mostly love) does not have a single camera that doesn’t REGULARLY disable due to snow and slush, turning off autopilot functionality and many other safety functions that rely on them. The side mirrors I can always see from . The front fender...
  8. Badassfunction

    Cybertruck interior color and quality

    After owning a lot of cars, I hope to never be stuck with another black interior as standard option only. I paid extra for white in my M3 if for nothing else than not burning my a$$ in the summer. Sure you can pre-cool the interior but an all glass roof will still allow black seat material to...
  9. Badassfunction

    Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    Great catch on the plate. Will definitely turn heads. Too bad about the HOV though. Stupid when you think about it, only a Cybertruck will look like a Cybertruck, so its not as if they'd have to contend with similar looking vehicles wasting their time. Dobt want to set a precedent I guess.
  10. Badassfunction

    Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    HOV lanes are on some major highways around large cities such as Toronto and Ottawa. They are meant to be an incentive to carpool (High Occupancy Vehicle) as opposed to all the single occupant vehicles clogging up rush hours. Vehicles registered as "Green" get a special plate that has the...
  11. Badassfunction

    Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    Here in Ontario Canada our A-hole government cancelled everything the previous government had implemented to encourage purchasing green vehicles EXCEPT for Green vehicle plates. they have green lettering and start with a GV and allow single occupant vehicle to use the HOV lanes on our provincial...
  12. Badassfunction

    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    Having had a few different trucks over the years, there were a few options I thought were pretty useful. Now that the CT is in the works, this vehicle should get refined to be functional, comfortable and smartly equipped. I KNOW Elon and his team have these criteria in mind. But as far as...
  13. Badassfunction

    What made you decide to buy your Cybertruck?

    SS exoskeleton and she’ll, 800km range, rolling tonneau cover, ramp, loads of sealable secure storage, air suspension, power outlets, seats 6, pennies to operate, clean running and every innovation on tech front ..... the ultimate truck. Only a fool would pass up at the tri-motor price and...
  14. Badassfunction

    Vandalism concerns

    Thought the same thing regarding morons thinking the window break at the reveal would be cool to replicate. Two deployable tasers (one each side) would be a fantasy option my darker side would love! Imagine how many 5 second "rides" a tri-motor battery version could string together until a...