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  1. scottysize

    I ain't like you.

    I'm not getting the truck for those reasons you listed above. I'm getting it because of the capabilities and it's time for me to setup my retirement vehicle. I plan on retiring in 8 years and I'm getting FSD because I'll need a vehicle to move me around after I can't drive any longer.
  2. scottysize

    Robotaxi Cybertruck fleet with Income Generation Purpose?

    That's my plan for my model 3.
  3. scottysize

    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    Hopefully I'm close enough to get mine the first year, but if not, that is fine. I'll just keep saving up and possibly pay cash for the first time in my life.
  4. scottysize

    Musk on Cybertruck: It's better than people realize... they don’t have enough information to realize its awesomeness

    I keep telling people who doubt that the truck will be the best that we haven't seen everything it'll do yet. He just teased it at the reveal. By the time the truck is launched, he will have made some huge improvements on batteries and I'm betting he will have saved some weight with this change.
  5. scottysize

    Cybersex or cyberwar?

    Shows how little the writer knows about the English language, which is interesting, since he's a writer.
  6. scottysize

    How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    I'm a current picup owner. While I do not need a pickup 99% of the time for towing or hauling, there is that time once or twice a year where I do need to tow/haul things. If you're a home owner, you really should own a pickup. Can I rent one? Sure, however, there are problems with renting...
  7. scottysize

    Cyber truck on display?

    All over the internet. Go to California. Elon loves driving it around town.
  8. scottysize

    FS or FSD

    I'll continue calling it FSD. Full Self-Driving. If you want, I'll do it this way: FS-D
  9. scottysize

    Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    Not available, but this is definitely the plate I want. I'll have to work on the wording when I get my truck.
  10. scottysize

    Home Charging System / Charger Kit

    I have two of them. One hooked up to 80 Amps and the other hooked up to 30 Amps. (I got a signed one for free with 2 referrals.) I definitely recommend having your electrician run wires for the 80A circuit. Don't mess with anything below that. The 30A is fine for every day charging, but...
  11. scottysize

    Tesla Warthog

    Anyone who watched Red vs Blue, I'm sure the first thought was the Worthog from that Internet Show. I know it's not exactly like it, but that's the first place my mind when when they brought the truck out on stage.
  12. scottysize

    Official Cybertruck apparel hits Tesla website (sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat)

    Ordered a hat. Not a huge fan of Trucker hats, but I really wanted a CT one, so...
  13. scottysize

    What made you decide to buy your Cybertruck?

    LOL. Gonna be a lot of old retired men driving CTs :)
  14. scottysize

    Tesla Warthog

    Exactly. LMAO
  15. scottysize

    What made you decide to buy your Cybertruck?

    Well, since no one has really ordered one yet, I'll talk about why I reserved one and definitely will order one once it's ready to be ordered. Ever since they announced a pickup, I knew I had to have it. I read all tweets from Elon and knew I would have to look at it from a different...
  16. scottysize

    Cybertruck Financing - Current Tesla owners chime in (please)

    While of course it's best to pay cash for a car, that's not the way most people are able to buy a new car and not really helpful to most middle income persons. Buying a new car that cost $50,000 is the average yearly salary in America. It is very hard to drop an entire year's wages on a new...
  17. scottysize

    Direct contact with Tesla

    I have never heard of it. My "direct contact" wasn't given to me until my Model 3 was ready to be delivered.