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  1. Tesla Canceling Model S Plaid +

    Yeah, I don't need both. I put in an order for both in case one gets cancelled or if one was available much sooner than the other. If both become available at nearly the same time, I'll pick the CT3 (or better: my idea of a CT2+ variant!). Of course, at the moment, CT3 is the only Tesla...
  2. Tesla Canceling Model S Plaid +

    I make 2 to 4 trips a year that are about 1100 miles (1750 km) each way. When supercharging, you don't want to discharge to 0% and you don't want to wait for full 100% charge either. I figure roughly 10% to 85% so you lose 25% of ideal range off the top. Then add AC/heat and highway speeds of...
  3. What would prevent your purchase?

    For me, only one word: Range. If the CT3 has less than 500 mile range, I don't want it. In fact, I'd prefer what I'll call CT2+, a dual motor CT with 500+ mile range at a price point between CT2 and CT3.
  4. Will the truck come with a full size spare?

    It seems to me that most people posting here have not mentioned storing the spare in or UNDER the frunk. Have any of you with CAD (or other similar) skills tried to fit a full size spare there? I'm wondering if the bias about this is because we've been conditioned for decades with "you can't...