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  1. Iamdavo

    A Unionized Tesla Workforce Could Benefit All Parties

    No thank you. Will you also push to sell Tesla cars and trucks through dealerships? It’s a new world. not 1950.
  2. Iamdavo

    The Perfect Truck

    They already have! Right now there are over 650,000 pre-orders. Amazing.
  3. Iamdavo

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    Vonlane from Dallas to Austin and Uber over to the Gigafactory! Im in! What an amazing experience. Definitely will bring my son!
  4. Iamdavo

    Report: Cybertruck Factory is headed to Austin Texas!

    Updated June 18, 2020: Tesla has now purchased $5M worth of land outside of Austin! Tesla acquires $5 million worth of land outside Austin to build new factory Tesla is acquiring $5 million worth of land outside of...
  5. Iamdavo

    "Terafactory" could be the name for Cybertruck factory?

    Looks like the feta factory is coming to Texas!
  6. Iamdavo

    Cybertruck Gigafactory Location Will Be More Than Halfway to East Coast

    Texas Governor is now involved!
  7. Iamdavo

    Gigafactory in Texas

    Cybertruck Gigafactory is definitely coming to Texas. C'mon Elon, pull the trigger!
  8. Iamdavo

    Gigafactory in Texas

    Honestly, I agree with you. Im hoping you're wrong, but it is just crazy that you can't buy a Tesla in Texas. Im ashamed of the backwards thinking. Ugh.
  9. Iamdavo

    Gigafactory in Texas

    I’m just blown away that our state has not figured this out yet. Somebody should tally all the Tesla’s in Texas and estimate the lost tax revenue. Maybe that would change people’s minds in the legislature.
  10. Iamdavo

    Gigafactory in Texas

    Austin is making a big play. I spoke with some officials last week. 🙏🏼
  11. Iamdavo

    Ages of Cybertruck Owners Club members

    Amen Blue Steel. It’s funny. Since we have had our Model S I have come to see gas stations as a,relic of the past. Something I won’t miss at all when I am fully converted from ICE vehicles. . This feeling of liviving in the past with gas stations is even more true now during the Corona pandemic...