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  1. Michael Mehta

    CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    Nice work! It would be awesome if your design worked like an Aliner camper. Check out
  2. Michael Mehta

    5 Reasons I Love the Rivian...But Still Buying the Cybertruck (Video)

    I’m all in on the CT, and live in British Columbia where I do a fair amount of winter driving between Kamloops and the Gulf Islands. I need durability and a bigger bed to carry solar equipment for my company.
  3. Michael Mehta

    Cybertruck would look amazing like this!

    How about holographic chrome like this skin?
  4. Michael Mehta

    Let's be honest - who disliked and/or was repulsed by the Cybertruck when they first saw it?

    I immediately thought Lamborghini Countach - and was sold!
  5. Michael Mehta

    What is the best dog for CT?

    If you want something truly consistent with how radical the CT is, this is the ticket! My Senegal Parrot! She isn’t afraid of anything and will help during the zombie apocalypse.
  6. Michael Mehta

    CT vs Cold Weather States

    It’s important to remember that ICE vehicles including diesel lose substantial range in cold climates. I have driven both ICE and electric in -40C conditions for years and I’ll take an electric any day.
  7. Michael Mehta

    Conducting testing on 300 series stainless steel - temperature and bullet test

    A scratch test with keys would be interesting.
  8. Michael Mehta

    Cybertruck will make public debut at Petersen Auto Museum in LA beginning From June 20-27!

    A 360 camera for viewing on a VR headset would be amazing if someone can pull that off.
  9. Michael Mehta

    Build Your Cybertruck With Our 3D Configurator Visualization Tool

    This will keep people away from my CT!
  10. Michael Mehta

    Win a Free Tesla Trucker Hat Giveaway! [Contest Inside]

    My 2017 Volt and 2013 Smart = 1 CT
  11. Michael Mehta

    We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    Being able to deliver pallets of solar modules to my clients with an EV.
  12. Michael Mehta

    Another cyberbunker
  13. Michael Mehta

    Will Cybertruck use heat pump or resistance heater?

    My 2017 Chevrolet Volt has a heat pump. It works exceptionally well and uses little energy. The car heats up and cools down very quickly. You'll also want heated seats and a heated steering wheel since it's easier to stay warm if your bum and hands are toasty. I use the Volt mostly in the...
  14. Michael Mehta

    Cybertruck Gigafactory Location Will Be More Than Halfway to East Coast

    If they want to have a vehicle with the smallest carbon footprint, it should be built somewhere where the energy mix is predominantly renewable. In British Columbia, 94% of our electricity comes from hydro power.
  15. Michael Mehta

    Cybertruck KeyFob

    From Ebay. A fellow in Hungary made it.
  16. Michael Mehta

    Cybertruck KeyFob

    Probably like this :-) 2mm stainless steel!
  17. Michael Mehta

    Range loss in cold weather

    My 2017 Chevrolet Volt has approximately 15 kWh of battery storage. In the summer, this can get me up to 100 km of range. Most of the year the range is closer to 80 km. During the worst of winter (where it sometimes get below -30C), it drops to about 60 km of range. In other words, a decrease...
  18. Michael Mehta

    T-slots in bed of vault

    Would a powerful leaf blower clear that out?