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  1. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    I’m thinking that’s a detail that is easily solved with a phone app! You have to have the app to get an Uber.
  2. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    Facial recognition? I have the key pad/combination lock on my F350. I love it. I can leave my keys in the truck when I’m out running or walking my dogs and don’t have to worry. But facial recognition would be even better.
  3. Tight Wolverine Cybertruck Size Predictions and Visualizations (-3%, -5%, -8%)

    I don’t. But I don’t want any reduction in size or towing capacity. The bigger the heavier the truck the more HP the more it can tow. A lighter truck means less younger weight. I don’t keep my F350 in a garage I use it for my construction business in Philadelphia. I tow equipment and material...
  4. Tight Wolverine Cybertruck Size Predictions and Visualizations (-3%, -5%, -8%)

    I want a truck that is the same size and looks as close to the same (DOT appeased)as the one Elon rolled out on stage. If anyone wants a smaller truck go buy a smaller truck. I need a full size truck that can tow a 10,000 pound trailer. The “biggest, baddest” truck was that size not 3% smaller...
  5. My response to designer Frank Stephenson's criticism of the Cybertruck (Video)

    Haters gonna hate. Can’t reason with emotions. Look at the whole country. He doesn’t like it. So what? You all know the old saying. Opinions are like sphincters everyone’s got one.
  6. 1.4 MILLION Reservations for the Cybertruck, and Counting!!!

    429101 in line according to reservation count hope it means something.
  7. Price threat...possibly. Stainless steel price

    I think I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it! Who me worry? I’m in 100%, 3motor FSD, it’s the best value in trucks going. Anyone look at what an F350 crew cab costs? Chevy 3500 diesel? Starting at $85000!!! And my CT will drive me to the job! I drive an 08’ F350 crew cab 4x4 now and I...
  8. It is effing final. Elon said so himself! "Cybertruck doesn’t need a garage"

    How could it be the “biggest,baddest” truck if it ain’t the biggest most bad ass truck?
  9. Hope this doesn’t happen with the CyberTruck

    If your lower than 40,000 please, please cancel. That’ll make me 39999. I’m good with that.
  10. You get one question answered

    Will Tesla be making an off road RV for the CT and can the CT cross a stream? I know that’s 2 questions but we’re dreaming right? Seriously does anyone know if Tesla has any plans for making an RV? Something like the Bruder EXP would be bad ass!
  11. My response to designer Frank Stephenson's criticism of the Cybertruck (Video)

    And some people think the Mona Lisa is overrated some like Rock some like classical. Love my 2008 F350 crew cab and can’t wait for my CT. For two reasons the utility and the way looks.
  12. Cybertruck imagined with side mirrors and windshield wiper

    Who wants “normal” I’m buying a cyber truck for Pete’s sake!
  13. First Cybertruck Deliveries Will Be Early 2022 - Per Email to Reservation Holders Pushing For Leasing of Other Teslas

    I’m in the Philadelphia and I’ve been leasing a model 3 since last May. I’m 42000 in line for the CT. I haven’t heard anything from Tesla. Will definitely lease the CT. Maybe buy a new one when the lease is up. I’ll be 63 when that happens. I absolutely love the 3 it’s my wife’s daily driver. I...
  14. Cybertruck production gets closer as Gigafactory Texas shifts to 24/7 construction

    I’m 41000 in line I’ll deal with any “bugs”. Tesla knows how to build shit! They also stand by their “shit”. Wish I was in the top ten! My 2008 F350 I use for work everyday. Heavy construction it has 236000 miles on it. I tow trailers and equipment with it. I’m going to use the cyber truck to...
  15. First Cybertruck Deliveries by End of 2021 - Says Musk on Q3 Earnings Call

    Well I’m not stupid or rich so I guess!! I’ll take mine tomorrow thanks,own a model 3 LR and it’s awesome. CT will be too. I ain’t afraid of A little teething pain!
  16. Hope this doesn’t happen with the CyberTruck

    And I’ll bet cash money angry author never drove one and wishes he had one.
  17. Hope this doesn’t happen with the CyberTruck

    I’ll take my CT right now with a cardboard dash and some zip ties I’ll go back to the dealer and get them squared away later! That’s some good ole American know how that corner molding and band it clamp! Didn’t Ford put out a pinto that exploded in a rear end crash? That had real nice fasteners...
  18. Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    I’m from Philadelphia and I’m around 43000 according to my res number. I ordered 3 motor version with self driving.