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  1. outdoors_jp

    Tesla's 700 Mile Battery Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

    From my perspective with this kind of range I would never hesitate towing anything for the few times a year that I do. For the normal day use a larger battery means fewer cycle times. Fewer cycle times means longer lasting. right?
  2. outdoors_jp

    Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    Are you able to pick up a vehicle from the factory? I would love to see the factory and road trip my new truck home.
  3. outdoors_jp

    True Price of the Cybertruck

    As much as I would love to pay less, the EV incentive is designed to help the company enter the market and also produce a catalyst for demand. Tesla has become well established as well as demand for CT is strong. I think it's more fiscally responsible to give those credits to other brands...
  4. outdoors_jp

    True Price of the Cybertruck

    Cost for solar panels option? I'm hoping for only 2-3K
  5. outdoors_jp

    Would you rather have a 6th seat or 5 seats with more storage?

    I don't think I'll need that 6th seat all the time but the few times I will need it it will be very nice. The rest of the time I plan to have it folded down and use the built in console. Having the 6th seat as an option is huge to me.
  6. outdoors_jp

    What is your biggest Cybertruck question you'd like answered by Tesla before committing to purchase?

    Currently I have the dual motor reserved. I want to know pricing and specs on the solar panels and quad. If they are using the current battery technology and pricing isn't too much then I'll stick with the dm and add solar and quad. If there is the new million mile battery and you can use it to...
  7. outdoors_jp

    Win a Free Tesla Trucker Hat Giveaway! [Contest Inside]

    Will be replacing 2007 Ford Expedition EL. Looking forward to extra functionality of a bed, cab capacity and advanced technology all in one package.
  8. outdoors_jp

    Cybertruck to Enter Baja Endurance Race With All New Air Suspension Says Musk?!

    Tesla is innovative. By entering motor sports I could see it pushing their vehicle development as well as battery and charging development. After all, isn’t that why companies pour so much into sport racing? I’m not sure what the regs are for the Baja. Could they plan accordingly and swap...
  9. outdoors_jp

    Cybertruck Gigafactory Location Will Be More Than Halfway to East Coast

    Joplin is out of the way from everything and not a large talent pool. Nice area, I used to drive through it a lot but not a destination. Texas seems like the best deal so far. Access to gulf for shipping, large labor pool, large technology pool. I like the thought of all that wind energy...
  10. outdoors_jp


    I don’t live in Kansas but I am a K-State grad. Willie will be on board somewhere when I get my CT
  11. outdoors_jp

    Should Reservation Price Increase?

    Many people got excited and put down the low $100 for a reservation (me included). It seems that even Elon was surprised at the number of reservations. Now that it is established that people want it, should Tesla increase the dollar amount to see how serious people are as well as raise capitol...
  12. outdoors_jp

    We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    Looking forward to all the lockable storage, a truck I use and not worry about scratches and dents, and one of the most high-tech and engineering marvels on the road!
  13. outdoors_jp

    Stainless Steel Repair

    I live in a northern mountain climate. Anyone have ideas about corrosion issues with deicing chemicals? I know there are a lot more options used now other than NaCl.