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  1. Cybertruck air compressor vs Ford F-150 Lightning

    If either of the vehicle is going to be able to run any kind of air tool you would need an accumulator tank to store the pressure as I'm sure there in no compressor out there that produces 100psi on demand for any amount of time and to use many air tools other than a brad nailer or to air up a...
  2. Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    I see now the close up of the wheels, missed those photos earlier 🤦‍♂️
  3. Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    I got questions about the wheels, are those hub caps or part of the rim's and would they rub if tires were low. The tires look unique to the set up, would they be widely available or Tesla specific?
  4. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    ... again it's not physically apart of me so, not every time. I can lose it, break it, have it stolen or battery could die, kids could have it/hidden it. Unless there is a backup way to get inside, face it there will be times we run into these issues and I feel for being 21st century tech that...
  5. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    Cameras will have face recognition and open upon arrival? Because phone aren't physically apart of us and not always present... true test is after a ice storm and since it wont fit most garages it would be out in the elements. Maybe a heating element in the door seal? Who knows?! 🤯