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  1. Tesla Texas Factory Building Permits Reveal Square Footage Size, Layout & More

    I wish the resolution was better because I'd print a large copy for my wall. I notice the civil engineer's telephone number is listed. I wonder if they are being innundated with calls for a PDF set. I'm tempted to call myself.
  2. What is the best dog for CT?

    Turkish Kangal. Mine is named Deckard.
  3. What if your place in line cost $1000.00?

    I'd up my reservation dollars to 1000. 5K no because then I'd have to sell some Tesla stock and I aint doing that. Instead I'd just buy a Y and let it ride for another few years and then buy the truck.
  4. protestors outside fremont factory

    My opinion Is that the virus is just another Flu. Death rates continue to decline and if you're under the age of 50 then you have virtually nothing to worry about. The Shanghai factory was only closed for 2 weeks. Fremont was closed for what, 7? What is wrong with people in America. Get...
  5. Cybertruck now available in China

    It never occurred to me that the CT would be offered in China. But this seems like a big deal. There will definitely be over I million preorders soon.
  6. VW chief defies sceptics with ambitious plans to overtake Tesla

    Beware of them Germans. When they put their minds to something...
  7. Would you rather have a 6th seat or 5 seats with more storage?

    I'd like the front center seat easily removable so my dog can sit next to me and pass between the front and back.
  8. Rear passthrough possible

    Brilliant idea you got there.
  9. What is your biggest Cybertruck question you'd like answered by Tesla before committing to purchase?

    Range. I'm hoping for 400+ for the dual motor Though having a full pass through for camping would be better
  10. UHF Radio?

    I like the idea of a antenna extending our off grid communication capability. Almost like a resurgence of CB or perhaps a Starlink comm line.
  11. Cyberbike vs the Cyberquad

    Yes, you're right. But still, I wanna biiiiikkkkke
  12. Cyberbike vs the Cyberquad

    I would prefer Tesla produce an electric motorcycle. This would compliment the mission to transition transportation to sustainable energy. I found this pic of a motorcycle a while ago and it inspires me, much more that a four wheeler. Two in the back of a Cybertruck would be badass.
  13. Rear passthrough possible

    Maybe the seats can be removed first, then the back wall lowered. This would be a great option. Similar to the Avalanche. It gives a ton more storage and camping options.
  14. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

    I keep thinking that there will be an aftermarket solar array that is auto deploying based on astronomical data. It will essentially come out of the vault when parked and unfold an array that covers almost the entire CT. How f-ing cool would that be. And if you used high efficiency...
  15. Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    I agree about the wheels. Thanks for the renders. 1. Wheels 2. Step Bar 3. Bed liner
  16. Interior Options and Seat Configurations?

    Hope the center and rear seats are removable. Also prefer the round steering wheel
  17. Tri motor Cybertruck better V2G *investment* value than dual?

    I like them. Yes they are big fans but so what. They are great supporters arn't hurting Tesla in the least. In fact they are helping. They are also number 20 on the list to get a CT so don't tune them totally out.
  18. Tri motor Cybertruck better V2G *investment* value than dual?

    Sounds like some of you don't think V2G is possible or probable. I hope that's not the case and without taking a deep dive, it doesn't seem like a fantasy, to me. Tesla already uses its batteries effectively interface with the grid and works to reduce or sometimes eliminate power bills...
  19. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

    Solar roof and vault would be a great totally off-grid bad ass option
  20. Ages of Cybertruck Owners Club members

    Makes sense. We are old enough to possibly afford the CT and young enough to care.