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  1. Elon, it's finally time to release the Kraken!!!

    Lol whats the SS stand for
  2. Poll: How many ladies here are buying a CT for themselves?

    I put in an order for my 2nd Tesla, the Tri-motor. Already have a Model S and a Cadillac EXT. People used to look at me weird when I would actually put things in the bed (like for instanc, firewood lol) like it was a truck that it actually is. The EXT is 2004, so its time for an upgrade!
  3. How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    Buying a CT should take the guilt out of buying a big gas guzzling truck that you really don‘t need. I see alot of Dodge/F-150 owners who never ever really make use of the bed, so you’re good!
  4. Pros/Cons of buying a CT (mostly fiscally related)

    I have a 5 year old Model S that is involved in a recall due to the monitor blanking out intermittently ….it will be repaired but doesn’t cause any interruptions in driving…I wouldn’t worry because Tesla is learning from mistakes so as not to repeat them (hopefully). In my experience so far they...
  5. Tesla should contact customers in RESERVATION # ORDER, regardless of motor choice... right?

    You’re so lucky…my Escalade EXT has served me well but at 14 years old its acting its age….trying to stttrrrretch out its life….
  6. Will RWS be standard or optional?

    Hate to be paranoid but if we talk about it being an option, it will be easier to determine that everyone expects it to be an option, so…..Go ahead and make it an option! Of course I want it to be standard for all levels of the CT.
  7. Joe sicked his dogs on Tesla [Deleted due to POLITICS]

    Unlikely…Autopilot technology is still fairly new. Regardless, its well on the way to eventually being an option for all cars, although not right around the corner.
  8. Joe sicked his dogs on Tesla [Deleted due to POLITICS]

    Its possible that this is the reason why CT is slated to be released in ‘22 instead of sooner…
  9. Latest From Musk: Production Cybertruck almost exactly same but better. No door handles. 4 wheel steering. Self opening doors.

    We may carry a key fob, which when we approach truck it will recognize that. Hoping.
  10. Tesla should contact customers in RESERVATION # ORDER, regardless of motor choice... right?

    I really think everyone should just sit tight and settle in with the fact that we have no control over when our truck will be delivered outside of cancellation. Its natural to want what you want now. But itsout of ourcontrol. Tesla may want to manufacture one motor over another for a reason.
  11. Brand New Model S Plaid burst into flames

    Sounds like the article concludes that the owner may have unknowingly done some damage to the undercarriage of the car, and that ev’s are no more prone to statistically combust than their gas-powered counterparts. Its a shame though good thing he was unhurt.
  12. Door handle issue

    Finally had issue taken care of, took 2 hours, warranty covered.
  13. Door handle issue

    Anyone own an older Model S or X, and have had an issue with the recessed door handle not extending to open? Happened today and already set up a repair appointment. Thought it was cool at first to have the handles recessed for a sleeker look, but now would prefer something different on the CT...
  14. Making mine unique I hope!

    Thanks, great idea
  15. Making mine unique I hope!

    Assuming you receive your CT and finally realize, like me, that you want a unique vehicle, but there are so many vehicles like yours out there, will you have a desire to make yours somehow unique, like I do? Most cars can vary , stock, in about 2 ways: color and wheel design. Tesla takes color...
  16. Who's going to polish their truck?

    I’ll probably be looking for some way to set my truck apart from others, and that sounds like a great idea.
  17. Who's going to polish their truck?

    Great idea
  18. Why some electric car owners return to gas – the reasons aren’t surprising

    The fact that the return to gas is more on the woman’s side has less to do with women not being able to afford the vehicle. If she couldn’t afford the vehicle, she wouldn’t buy it in the first place lol! It has more to do with the fact that, work or not, more often than not, the woman is the one...