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  1. What about a Three seater?

    If we weren't in the lambo truck territory before, we are now. Better give it scissor or falcon doors for good measure.
  2. Evil plan, math is flawless

    Can you reference a post on that?
  3. Mid-gate Impossible? Best cab sleeping solution for one? - or kookiest idea yet?

    I'm considering a window high width bed with a diy cot that is built to hang out both sides (front if rear doesn't retract all the way) windows, and has a tent fabric cover that slips on both ends and goes up and over the cab.
  4. Elon suggests Wi-Fi Camera link for Trailering with Cybertruck

    Guys this means anything with a Wi-Fi camera could potentially be used with the CT! Can anyone say undermounted wifi camera? I hope they make this available in the off-road mode.
  5. Full Length Roof-Bed Cargo Rack Concept

    I was thinking of a version of this that acts as a tent wall, when camped the whole apparatus flips vertically and a popup tent unfolds with it. Take my hinged idea to make your vault closable. Unhook from upper corner rack mounts, and everything should hinge out over the tailgate instead. Have...
  6. Only one tailgate option. Why?

    I love the ramp, and will probably only use it as a stilted platform extension for my in-vault tent. That is if my idea to replace the ramp with solar panels on drawer slides doesn't pan out. An integrated ramp that doesn't slide away when hit with a load seems way way way less stressful to me...
  7. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    The manual option is that every vehicle comes with two (credit shaped) cards and you wave it over the b pillar to unlock. Most people set them to valet mode only, to restrict driving features and sensitive info access when other drive for you.
  8. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    None of the Tesla's have door handles on the inside they have a button, and they all have an emergency pull cable exit already. I believe Elon is talking about the outside, I predict it's a deep recessed button on the black doorsill.
  9. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    Open the doors CT! I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that.
  10. Door operation

    I'm actually hoping they do something completely unique for the "cyber" series of cars if not model 3/y. I posted on r/CT that the doors for the JL version has s/x. My problem with those handles, as nice as they are, is that there have been multiple versions for the internals, but they still...
  11. The Cybertruck is NOT a "Pickup Truck". So what is it?

    My vote is DEV, I really like it for the nod to Tesla vehicles' computing power and constant updates. Might be a bit too crude for s3xy theme, but we should stop tap dancing around the sports luxury utility truck and just own it.
  12. Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    Can you tell me more about this install. Brand used and if there are any tutorial videos? I've been thinking about doing this modification for a while. Must have mods: - Additive solar ports - Greatly increase the amp drain cap that's present in other teslas so we can use power strips. -...