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  1. We need to push Tesla & Elon to speed up the delivery of CT

    My understanding is our $100.00 deposits is not money he can spend. It’s sort of an escrow account that may or may not be collecting interest. Correct me if you have a definitive answer. Rick
  2. Tesla to see unprecedented trade ahead of S&P 500 debut

    Had to do a double take when I logged on 5 minutes before close. up then down then jackpot. Lets hope for the best on Monday. Fingers crossed. Rick
  3. I want to sell my CYBRTRK

    Problem at least here in California, unless you’re a registered car dealer, you’re paying sales tax and the next buyer is paying sales tax. Government would love the double sales tax on 50k. Hold onto your reservation until do or die crunch time. Then see if there’s a market for the extra tax fees.
  4. Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    You sure can as a contractor who uses it for work. Might need to install a sub meter or have some way of tracking annual power cost so that can be deducted too like gasoline purchases. Of course road tax is now incorporated into our annual registration in California. Rick
  5. Tesla is like In-N-Out

    Does that mean with the new addition in the S&P 500 , I should order a double double cybertrucks? Elon’s buying it for me anyways.
  6. How many of u are holding or selling your tesla stock to buy a cybertruck on reservation day?

    Will hold my shares as they are in my sep/ Ira. So if I spend them next year it’ll cost anther 30% worth of taxes. Use private money to pay for it now and live off the retirement money when I actually retire with no additional income. Rick
  7. TSLA will join S&P 500 on December 21!

    I bought in March. Sold off enough to pay for the 40 pre split/ 200 that I currently own. So my 2 motor might go to his and hers or 3 motor his and hers. Let’s see what the final trim options will be priced at to see if the wife gets one too? Rick
  8. Can we expect the Cybertruck in 2021 -- What's your opinion?

    My client showed off his brand new Y he got. He only put a $100.deposit and got it a couple weeks later. His neighbor got pretty much the same identical one too. Didn’t realize you could get one so quickly. Of course he got it with just about all the toys installed. The garage Door link They...
  9. Can we expect the Cybertruck in 2021 -- What's your opinion?

    I believe it’s a 7 year depreciation. Not free, but a business expense. What’s worse is if I use my sep/ ira earnings, then I would also be taxed as capital gains income. Not sure how that works if it’s a wash or another 30% taxable income. But heck, Elon and all the hype has rewarded me...
  10. Can we expect the Cybertruck in 2021 -- What's your opinion?

    It would be a great tax Benefit for those of us that can get the truck before the end of 2021 and be able to write it off starting 2021. It also depends how the tax laws will be once the election is done. Lots of unknowns as to what party wins and what direction Capital business Investments...
  11. What if your place in line cost $1000.00?

    Funny you mentioned this. I put my deposit in on Black Friday. Then got interested in the company and purchased 100 shares At the $577.83 per share in April. Foolishly I sold 60 shares prior to the 5/1 split announcement. But the 40 shares remaining covered my initial investment. 40 has turned...
  12. Supercharging with a trailer

    Isn’t the typical charge port a 4 wire connection? How difficult or involved to have a front and rear port built into the ct? I’m more familiar with the bmw i3 and being a short vehicle, I can reach the charge Port with the cord either pulling up from the front or rear. What’s the typical...
  13. Powering your home with the Cyber Truck

    We get billed for water and power every 2 months. I’m around 600 kWh every 60 days. 10 kWh per day. Not looking to go off grid, just looking for a reliable emergency power supply. Not necessarily for me since I have more than enough generators and inverters. But to power tools and equipment at...
  14. Cybertruck Options - When?

    Out here in so cal. I like the cooling seats. Wife likes the heated seats. That’s why we have a heated bidet seat. I would like to see the largest power inverter possible. The factory one in my Nissan is all but useless at 150-400 watts. A built in storage floor that slides open and is...
  15. Powering your home with the Cyber Truck

    As a plumbing contractor/ plumber for 45 years, well pumps come up under a handful of fingers out here. As I’ve mentioned before, Los Angeles where Elon has multiple back to back homes is serviced by city utilities, water, power and sewage systems. Los Angeles is a huge market for Tesla and...
  16. Powering your home with the Cyber Truck

    Thanks for the answers and the search term V2H. Lots of reading to catch up on. AJ, what I meant by an external inverter was to keep it simpler and not add an additional Dc to 120/240 vac In the CT. Yes I have a ton of options with generators and battery inverters. But that’s me. Can you...
  17. Powering your home with the Cyber Truck

    Not sure if this has been discussed on other threads that I tried searching for or not. Why haven’t any North American electric vehicles come up with an option that allows the battery pack to supply power back to your home during a power outage? With the fact that Tesla has a Power wall for...
  18. Tesla Using Mobile Service Fleet to Test Cybertruck Steel Before Launch

    How about when the CT gets into an accident. Would they replace an entire panel, or would one have to paint the entire vehicle or wrap it. Can you imagine if someone takes the time to grind in a swirl Finish like you sometimes see in public bathrooms and kitchens. But I guess you could get a...