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  1. CyberDingo

    Pros/Cons of buying a CT (mostly fiscally related)

    SURE!! Typical Tesla, sends offers to buy other models, but not once answered OR returned a call??? I don't think Tesla offer insurance in Oz.
  2. CyberDingo

    Pros/Cons of buying a CT (mostly fiscally related)

    GDay all, I was watching a utube vid and insurance was mentioned. Hope this is the correct thread to ask my question. I live in Oz and was hoping I could afford to get my DM insured. Could any other Ozzies let me know what insurance of their Teslas is, and where they got a reasonable deal. This...
  3. CyberDingo

    Cybertruck camera mirrors

    I think that cameras (for RVM) could be placed at the roof peak. Great view when reversing and if they could be also adjusted "out further" for when towing a wide / large trailer, would be great. In Oz we have to have mirrors (usually after market) that can see around any towed item.
  4. CyberDingo

    Dual motor Cybertruck 400+ miles?

    I was wondering where in Oz you are? I'm in the Latrobe Valley, Vic. Between the coal fired generators:( Yes, I'm also hoping to be able to take advantage of my primary producer Tax classification. Yes, we have a very poor govt. BUT Oz is still the best country in the world...and I am NOT...
  5. CyberDingo

    Dual motor Cybertruck 400+ miles?

    I meant to ask if you had heard that there were 140,000 pre-orders from Oz! It seemed a lot when there have only been a bit over 10,000 deliver ALL-UP? It would be a life saver for fire trucks. Have you seen the Beta ester that ran on an unmade road at night with no lights on. I was amazed, just...
  6. CyberDingo

    Dual motor Cybertruck 400+ miles?

    Well, I only have a few acres with some alpacas. Haven't been breeding them for a few years either. Been harder to sell as there are lots of people that bought them 20 years ago and now want to retire. Mostly use the CT to tow the float and pick up feed and fencing bits. I "wanted" it for...
  7. CyberDingo

    Dual motor Cybertruck 400+ miles?

    I have been telling anyone that would listen that I'm going to be "chipped" as soon as it is possible. (not the fried type). I am tired of old-man aches!
  8. CyberDingo

    Dual motor Cybertruck 400+ miles?

    YES BUT! My guess is that I may not MAKE 20 YEARS!? i'M ALREADY IN THE "OLD" GROUP. i MAY NOT EVEN GET THE CT soon enough to use it to get any ROI. I don't have anyone to leave it to that would use it! Maybe I could be buried in it? OR rupture the battery pack and do the Viking thing?
  9. CyberDingo

    Dual motor Cybertruck 400+ miles?

    I cannot raise the $$$$ to get a TM, and I guess the insurance is more than I get on the pension :(:( It would be best for Oz, even though we could not use the speed / power.
  10. CyberDingo

    Dual motor Cybertruck 400+ miles?

    Well, I'm hoping to get more than quoted for the DM as in Oz we have only one territory where you can drive max 130k/h. All other states have some 110 on fwys and typically 100 and less every where else. And Oz is fairly flat! It is also usually a LONG way between e-pumps, so need the range.
  11. CyberDingo

    Canada's Upcoming 20% Surtax [Closed For Politics]

    Interesting study!?
  12. CyberDingo

    This site has affected my thought processes – not necessarily for the better

    I got tripped up once. Filled the car (Rover Freelander diesel) going out early one morning. Came back late the same! night. Stared to fill up at the same bowzer. They had changed it from diesel to Ultra ULP! In the low light the BLACK for diesel looked the same as the DARK GREEN for the Ultra...
  13. CyberDingo

    Even Tesla Can’t Overcome Australian Hostility to Electric Cars

    WELL, as an older Australian, I think the (swear, swear for many lines!) has had a policy of destroying our country. A dollar now, f the future. I feel so sorry for the younger generations. No jobs, no house and penalties ALL the time to satisfy the fossils that support our "government". The g's...
  14. CyberDingo

    Naming your CyberTruck

    Lola :) A granddaughter (Favorite). Then someone made a comment so wasn't sure.
  15. CyberDingo

    Concerned about safety when driving your Cybertruck?

    I do worry a bit about the Tesla hate / bad attitude. There have been a few Tesla cam records shown on the news where (it seems for no reason) a passer by has damaged a Tesla. I was abuse often enough when I bought a Japanese car. I think as I live in a smallish country town and I don't go out...
  16. CyberDingo

    Purchase Sight Unseen...?

    I guess I won't get to see , and certainly not sit in a Cybertruck before I can get mine here in Australia. I reserved in July 2020; so a long wait for the dual. I read somewhere that 140,000 have been ordered in Oz!!?? It seems very high as there have only been just over 10,000 TOTAL Teslas...
  17. CyberDingo

    Tesla Gigafactory Texas site surprises with cryptic Boring Company equipment

    I think it would be great to connect Oz with at least Austin :) I had been planning a trip to Nth.Am. with a drive around.
  18. CyberDingo

    But How...?

    Maybe if the rear window was "bigger" as from top to the dividing wall, it could be like an electric window to slide down giving reasonable access between cab and bed (where my bed will be). Obviously a safety detect so cover cannot chop anything.
  19. CyberDingo

    But How...?

    Crissa... My Bronco and Landrover Freelander had roll down rear windows. Very handy. The LR did do a strange thing though...if the power was disconnected it would always lower the rear window, and I didn't know this until found the window down after a rain storm!
  20. CyberDingo

    How Much will the Tailgate Weigh?

    With the CT's ability to raise / lower the body, it ould be easy to; raise, place cradle under tailgate, undo fixers, lower and drive away!