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  1. Charging station for home/work

    Already have an HPWC on a 100amp circuit for my M3P, and a second HPWC waiting for CT....for me I'd rather have more and not use it than have less and need more....especially for the truck...but even the car I like it recovering quickly so I can use it again if / as needed.... personally would...
  2. Replacement tire price will be a shock

    that is a very good point if my m3p is anything to go off of....
  3. 6 Gigaton press for the Front CT Clip?

    6+8 = 14, seems legit! :)
  4. Replacement tire price will be a shock

    depends on the tire's...there's some good ones out there that are non issues....the one's I referenced above, I've had good luck with toro's.....and depending upon your use case you can get a less dirt oriented tread and they're even better
  5. Replacement tire price will be a shock

    I have 35x12.5 nitto terra grappler g2's currently and love them in all respects so no concerns with CT on 35's....first set lasted like 55k many set's you really going to use to worry about replacement cost? and they dont cost any more than the wifes x5 tires or my model 3 perf...
  6. Toy hauler trailers - any recommendations?

    I've had a weekend warrior and now a Keystone Carbon - they all use same/similar parts, all cut corners...just find one that fit's your price range and size/weight and should be good....while I just bought one, now's not a good time to do so...literally sold out of non 5th wheel toy haulers in...
  7. Rear Wheel Steering

    just upgraded my toy hauler to a new one (Carbon 35) - same weight as the old one at 13k full current 2500 pulls it just fine (bumper pull, not 5th wheel) - expecting / hoping the CT3 will pull it just fine (it's under both max tow weight and assume tongue weight based upon payload...
  8. Model 3 while I wait for cybertruck

    Ordered Cyber Truck on Day 2; got M3P Dec 2019 and bought TSLA stock after spending a month learning/obsessing on Tesla - damn fun car in the mountains, great commuter, nice stock appreciation... Congrats on the car, enjoy!!!
  9. Conducting testing on 300 series stainless steel - temperature and bullet test

    most of the examples were not from the rear of the car, but that's because the car's weren't Tesla's...a Tri motor's gonna outrun a lot, therefore a bp tailgate is legit! :cool: I dont need it, I need the ramp, but depending upon how they build it maybe I'll get both! Yay!
  10. Tesla Releases High-Res Images of the Cybertruck

    anyone notice the rear window is square vs. angular on the other photos? and I think this is a new pic!
  11. What SOC to keep tri-motor CT at?

    yeah, m3p here too, I charge to between 80-85% so I get "some" full power most drives...that being said my car sat a lot this winter (I drive my truck in winter) and while I think I need a rebalance to occur, I'm showing 279mi vs new 299mi's eg 7% loss...and I only have < 10k miles....granted...
  12. Wheels

    I'm going with 40's and will get 100 mi's at 100% charge on Tri motor! :-) I'm good with 35"'s!
  13. Wheels

    yeah, not gonna happen! :) If the 3 options are true, ill have a tough decision to make between 1 & 2.....I dont off-road a lot but I do some + snow season, but also like the thought of "performance setup"...may be forced to buy 1 for winter/offroad and 2 for daily - should like a PIA so...
  14. Who Else is Hoping for a Redesign for Wife's Acceptance?

    Knowledge yes, my wife aware and thinks it's ugly! Approval? If there's a financial concern sure but excepting that I don't need her approval on the looks or anything else - I let her pick what car she wants so expect the same, and I surely don't give a **** what my neighbors think, it's a...
  15. Hoping for a 5 seater option and remove the 3rd seat in the front.

    have the 6th seat in my 2016 GMC2500 - never used it once, but I do use the center console daily and it sux compared to the 5 seater option...and that's on an ICE vehicle that has the trans tunnel....I'll deal with it like I do now, but would prefer and pay for 5 seat option
  16. Cybertruck-Making it uniquely yours.

    I'll put my normal KTM sticker on it (worth 10hp/10ft lbs), maybe a racing stripe or something to differentiate it, maybe rims / tires depending upon what comes available at purchase, tint windows to legal level, oem sunscreens for the roof (like I have on my m3p), consider storage options from...
  17. Yoke Steering Wheel in S, X Cybertruck. NHTSA says, ‘What you talking ‘bout, Elon?!”

    im game for the half wheel on my CT, game for the buttons for PDRN's change, sure it'll be weird, but sure I'll adapt, like I did to my M3P setup.....I like the thought of the half wheel for visibility, and exp on the S/X so you can see the dash screen for the first time in history...
  18. CyberTruck vs Rivian R1T?

    Why is 4th motor the only way to go? = tank turns? ultimate off-road capability ? Torque vectoring / equivalent to locker on both axles? Cant be for more power (not needed if Tri can make 1100+ in S Plaid +), can't be needed for street as my m3p is fantastic with just 2 motors....I don't do...
  19. CyberTruck vs Rivian R1T?

    Oh, I agree, there's 5000 other reasons I want the CT vs Rivian, but the show stopper is the bed length...the rest I could do without in a pinch, I just don't want too, hence CT Reservation and not R1T reservation! :cool:
  20. CyberTruck vs Rivian R1T?

    I really want to like the Rivian, and do, but a 4.5' bed is worthless for my use cases, so I've held off on reserving one and will stick with my Tri motor.