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  1. Foxx

    CyberTruck SS Heat

    So CT steel will get hotter.. it just won’t feel hotter to the touch as polished steel would, right?
  2. Foxx

    CyberTruck SS Heat

    All that being said………I remember the old slides at McDonald’s playgrounds when I was a child. I may still have some burn scaring on my backside 😲. I’m sure it won’t get that hot in the sun since the steel isn’t as polished. It will get pretty hot though for sure.
  3. Foxx

    Maybe cybertruck production at fremont
  4. Foxx

    Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    I’m leaning on the same course of action myself
  5. Foxx

    Cybertruck-Making it uniquely yours.

    Maybe a “HEMI”, “Supercharged”, or “Turbo Diesel” badge just to screw with people......... come to think of it Supercharged might be highly appropriate
  6. Foxx

    Cybertruck-Making it uniquely yours.

    Maybe a “HEMI”, “Supercharged”, or “Turbo Diesel” badge just to screw with people.
  7. Foxx

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    Yep. No doubt I will pick mine up. I want to see the factory in action
  8. Foxx

    Tesla Cybertruck warthog would be a ‘dream collab’ for Xbox executive

    It would make an interesting ATV/side by side. Might be marketable
  9. Foxx

    How Much will the Tailgate Weigh?

    I suspect/predict a radical redesign of the tailgate
  10. Foxx

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Grew up on the band Tesla. I will play every single song they ever performed.....loudly
  11. Foxx

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Beepers!! Sir Mix A Lot. That would be hilarious
  12. Foxx

    Permanent stealth mode from police radar / laser?

    I’m speculating that the angular design of the CyberTruck will perpendicularly reflect radar emissions, effectively making it more difficult for police to get a return. Anyone out there that can verify or refute my hypothesis?
  13. Foxx

    Initial Public Offering

    First month? I’ll bet there will be some willing to pay better than 200k.
  14. Foxx

    Cybertruck imagined with side mirrors and windshield wiper

    I just hope they make them easy to remove. I’ll just take them off and use the cameras. Doubt the Alabama DMV will give a sh&t.