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  1. Consider placing another CT order.

    I met a guy who said he has 37 Cybertrucks on order in anticipation of starting a robotaxi service. I don't anticipate autonomous driving anytime soon.
  2. Will the CT have tinted windows...

    Same as all models; darkly in the rear, lightly in the front.
  3. Why I'm Getting The F150 Lightning

    Zenny said: "Some won’t need or ever use 4wd anyway." I watched a guy in a Dodge pickup spin his one wheel (no traction control) from a stoplight 3 times to slowly get started in the rain a few months back. The 4th time hooked up under very limited throttle, just to get moving. If a car was...
  4. Backup Battery Plug-in Port

    "All three versions of the Cybertruck should have the same 500 mile, long range battery." A huge part of the $40k, $50k, $70k price difference is extra batteries.
  5. Researchers Are Developing Roads That Charge EVs While You Ride

    This sounds extremely inefficient. So much power loss into thin air.
  6. Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    With tire options, I need traction on-road without destroying tread. I have the model Y with AWD with 10,000 miles, Eagle F-1 option and have floored it every chance I get. Normally, a car eats up the front tires first due to turning, and I do like to corner hard. But, the Y is wearing the...
  7. TSLA Took a big dump today! WOW!

    Apparently, investors hated SNL.
  8. Paying cybertruck with credit

    Like you, I have always asked every regular dealer what the maximum that is allowed on a credit card. Then, just write an old school check for the rest. Gets at least $50 for a dinner out in gift cards.
  9. 📸 Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Plant! + Interior Look with Yoke Steering Wheel and Performance Pedals!

    Just hold the right thumbwheel and say "turn on wipers" or "my butt is cold" - Israndy Yep, after you click the right thumb wheel, you just say, "Increase fan speed by 3." or "Set temperature to 68." or "Play Lagrange by ZZ-Top." or "Navigate to the nearest Whataburger." Tesla is the first...
  10. Can Tesla Cybertruck Actually Stop Bullets? Technical Analysis by a Firearms Instructor [** NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS **]

    Would the Cybertruck have prevented the horrible death of the 2 parents, with 5 children, recently when a redwood tree fell on them and demolished their car? Can't test the what-ifs, but I wonder.
  11. Who Else is Hoping for a Redesign for Wife's Acceptance?

    The last 4 cars I bought in the last 3 years, I just showed up with them. She only disliked 1 of them, and it is already gone. So, my average is not bad. When I told her I was buying a CT, she said, "Are you serious?"
  12. Wow! Buying a experience ever! Even at the dealer and when not a preorder!

    At a regular dealer, never negotiate about monthly payments. They will just extend you to 84 months instead of 60. Always negotiate difference between trade-in and price, then just do the math on that number divided by 60. Use Kelly Blue book to keep from getting hosed.
  13. Cybertruck premium audio

    I had a Bose system in a Cadillac. Nothing special. The sound in the Model Y is the best I have ever heard.
  14. Solar Flare

    If we ever had another "Carrington" level event or EMP attack, would the CT be more vulnerable than a regular vehicle? Is there any way to protect the electronics?
  15. Should Tesla only allow electric vehicles at their factories/facilities?
  16. Should Tesla only allow electric vehicles at their factories/facilities?

    This thread reminds me of those attending "climate summits" for many years by private jets from all over the planet only to be scurried back and forth by a caravan of 13 mpg Chevy Suburbans to tell everyone else to CURB YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT. By the time I read the news story, they had already...
  17. Should Tesla only allow electric vehicles at their factories/facilities?

    Go ahead and make the rule now, and watch 1000's of pictures pop up on social media of Giga Texas using hundreds of diesel powered engines to build it. Pictures of Elon flying every other day on a horrible, petrol jet. Pictures of SpaceX flying to the ISS using petroleum. Nobody is going to...
  18. Car designer Frank Stephenson's view on the Cybertruck

    The designer of the Yugo meant well too.
  19. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Chevy Bolt EV Battery Pack

    Kia and Hyundai had over 3,100 vehicle fires🔥 in the link above. If Tesla had just 3 fires, it would be MAJOR news!
  20. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Chevy Bolt EV Battery Pack,hp1s