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  1. Camper Van Someren

    Cold Batteries?

    With this recent discussion of size change for garage vs outdoor parking I wanted to get some more info re: cold batteries. I have heard that EVs suffer range loss in the cold but want to know how it works. Does it prevent it from fully charging or will it shrink the capacity of an already...
  2. Camper Van Someren

    Supercharging with a trailer

    I’ve noticed that in most cases Teslas need to back in to superchargers because the port is in the back and the cord is very short. The CT appears to also have the port in the back which will be problematic if it is towing a trailer. Pull-through superchargers would be really nice but I don’t...
  3. Camper Van Someren

    Charging Speed per Voltage

    How long would it take to charge on a supercharger vs 240V setup vs standard 120V plug? Maybe easiest to talk in terms of miles of driving per hour of charge time because of the different capacities of battery available. I ordered a 2-motor but now I’m wondering if I might need to upgrade to...