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  1. Crissa

    FSD Beta users share experience with technique

    Driving with assistive technology is slightly different than standard driving input. You need to have your hands ready, but relaxed. You need to focus on your 360 awareness, but you get to do that without the steering inputs wandering as your eyes do. You need to think ten, twenty seconds...
  2. Crissa

    FSD... It won't run over pedestrians. So pedestrians...

    What if pedestrians have no fear of cars? What will the cars do? -Crissa
  3. Crissa

    FSD identifies and dodges the monorail

    Last time, FSD couldn't identify the grey pillars against the grey road background. It just didn't see them. This time, it knows there's something there! And it dodges. -Crissa
  4. Crissa

    Tesla Model S at Nurbergring in car video w/ yoke

    Tesla Model S at Nurbergring in car video w/ yoke. Watch those hands, they never leave their positions! -Crissa
  5. Crissa

    This is why Tesla is ahead on AI:FSD

    The whole video is good, but... The synthetic world allows them to create unsafe and crazy interactions to test the AI against. The fleet sampling (about thirty seconds before the time point) shows that their AI knows what things are similar and can be queried. This is great news! Their AI...
  6. Crissa

    How about a grill on the hitch?

    Interesting thing came across the local startups list: I'm not sure how practical it is, but it gives a new meaning to tailgate party. Kinda like the design Tesla showed, but tons simpler. -Crissa
  7. Crissa

    LFP battery packs coming to the US?

    Sounds like they're offering a limited number of LFP battery packs to relieve their battery constraints. To think that Tesla is hitting their supply limitations and figuring ways around them. -Crissa
  8. Crissa

    Tesla FSD (9.2) vs oncoming car on single-lane street

    Best viewed on a phone. The top is a camera on the roof, giving about the view that FSD can see; the middle is from the cabin; the bottom is the 'mind of the AI' display. -Crissa
  9. Crissa

    An attempt to cross the Trans America Trail via Zero DSR. I remember there being a thread somewhere with some forum members attempting this. Well... Someone is attempting it with a current mid-range electric vehicle! This one...
  10. Crissa

    Tesla shows angular glass patent

    Tesla angular glass patent. Will the windshield and roof be a single piece of glass? -Crissa
  11. Crissa

    The President gets to drive another EV: The Jeep Rubicon prototype

    Now if only they could put these up for sale! -Crissa
  12. Crissa

    Why does battery tech take so long to make? (example: 4680)

    A pretty good break down of the challenges why battery tech is hard to ramp up production from the lab. -Crissa
  13. Crissa

    What's your energy mix/price?

    It's that time of year when we get the mailer telling us what the mix of sources was for our power. 2021 Residential Rate Comparison, ETOUC* PG&E 3Cchoice Generation Rate ($/kWh) $0.11101 $0.06325...
  14. Crissa

    Tesla AI actively preventing 'pedal misapplication mishaps'

    Tesla Daily had some clips of the AI presentation that was discussed already, but pulled out a clip used in the slide show. It shows people who accidentally hit the accelerator when they should have should have braked, and the AI deciding they need to stop because of visual cues. Rob Mauer's...
  15. Crissa

    Jordan Giesige calls the Cybertruck a 'Sarlacc Pit' for battery production.

    Jordan Giesige from The Limiting Factor calls the Cybertruck a 'Sarlacc Pit' for battery production... He estimates 60k tri-motor Cybertrucks will use 3x more gigawatts of cells than current Model Y production. His final video in his lithium mine to battery line series is now available behind...
  16. Crissa

    Tesla sold their second 100k Powerwalls in the last year!

    Five years for the first 100k, one year (give or take) for the second. Wow. -Crissa
  17. Crissa

    Wonder why Tesla isn't as affected by the chip shortage? (Munro Video)

    I realized while letting this play while doing chores... This is exactly why Tesla isn't as badly affected by the chip shortage. They have reduced the number of electronic components in a car down by half from the big guys. -Crissa
  18. Crissa

    Alpha Motors awol? InsideEVs tried to get more info on Alpha Motor and ended up with more questions than answers. -Crissa
  19. Crissa

    Canoo looks doomed: CEO and other founders leave company

    My short take? No startups survive losing founders and being taken over by board members. This famously nearly killed Apple. Even at Tesla, Elon had buy-in to the design at day one and a role at the company. Money guys rarely complete the job. -Crissa