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  1. datechboss101

    Inconsiderate drivers concentration location

    Is it just me that I find all the horrible Karens concentrated in Orange County? In addition to left lane hogs & Super Ultra Mega Karens, we now have douchecanoes who thinks its ight to use freaking HIGH BEAMS @ 1:40am for 10 miles. This special karen went so far to actually attempt to blind me...
  2. datechboss101

    Cybertruck vs ALL trucks & maybe SUVs

    Gave this a thought and still want the Cybertruck. I actually had a lengthy discussion with my Programming 1 professor during the Summer, and he is a truck guy. Of course, like any hard-core truck guys, he did his best to convince me why the CT was a bad idea and I should get a diesel truck...
  3. datechboss101

    Used more expensive than New

    Just looking at potentially leasing a Model 3 Long Range to combat 16k miles in 4 months (if my other options failed), since I did calculate I would be saving a ton in terms of fuel costs. But while also looking at leasing, I looked at the used Tesla page and was shocked. Not sure if Elon or...
  4. datechboss101

    Road trips + pictures

    Decided to take a different route to university today(I'm still pissed at spending $400 per month on fuel) however, this one took me through the most beautiful part of Florida. There are some roads that can get this compliment, and fortunately, US 441 (ironically also notorious for adultery...
  5. datechboss101

    Turo experience

    This will be my first time using Turo to rent a vehicle while my current vehicle will be in the body shop. I'm looking at renting the Model 3, but as this is my first time in EV experience and using turo, I would like some input on your experiences with this platform and renting a Model 3. TYIA.
  6. datechboss101

    Cybertruck Size & Inconsiderate people

    I need to know, would the Cybertruck be intimidating for people when it's literally millimeters off from the rear bumper of an inconsiderate driver? Because I found out that my current vehicle isn't intimidating enough (I thought super bright LEDs are intimidating enough). The reason being for...
  7. datechboss101

    Automated car wash w/ those horrendous brushes + waxing

    I waxed almost the entirity of my vehicle prior to my long a$$ drive to campus. On the way, my vehicle attained a ton of bird crappings and love bugs (whole front bumper was covered in dead bugs). After a huge downpour between Miami-Dade and Broward, the dead bugs and bird crappings were gone. I...
  8. datechboss101

    Spotted Truck load of Teslas

    This was from the other day while heading to the gym. Now, only if I can get into contact with the owner of Youtube Channel, Wham Bamm Teslacam, I got the associated dash cam footage! I haven't able to edit the footage but all you can hear is bass from the music. Here's the picture and video...
  9. datechboss101

    Maximizing MPGs w/o spending Arms and Legs

    I am going to be going back to my usual 500 to 1000 mile weekly commute to Miami and back from May 8th to the remainder of the year. My only issue is that I don't want to spend a ton of money on tolls (usually the most efficient route, cuz FL Turnpike). So any ideas to save on fuel so I don't go...
  10. datechboss101

    Towing racecar & current daily

    I have plans on joining competitive racing later on this decade (hence, why I selected the Tri-motor) and was wondering, would Tesla install towing equipment onto the truck in house from factory or should I go aftermarket? If aftermarket, what do you guys suggest? I would be towing a racecar...
  11. datechboss101

    Charging w/ house electrical issue

    My house was built by KB Homes (we all know where this is going), and very recently we experienced our electrical system shorted out; this was due to the house builder cutting corners when building the house back in 2013. Never experienced this before, but now it got me wondering how safe and...