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  1. Fallenhero

    Watch the Tesla Battery Day Livestream & Post Your Reactions Here

    Damn. The Cybertruck looks so cool in that pic!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!! I can't wait!!!
  2. Fallenhero

    Interior Side View Camera Screen Spotted?!

    I've seen a concept Audi that had that in the same place but screen was bigger.
  3. Fallenhero

    Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! I can't wait to get one!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Fallenhero

    Update: Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Now Costs $8K

    I'd rather just pay the $7000. It will eventually come and I plan on keep this truck for a long time.
  5. Fallenhero

    We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    I look forward to owning my first electric truck. I cant wait. My kids are excited too.:):)
  6. Fallenhero

    Cybertruck KeyFob

    WOW!!!! Where did you get that from?
  7. Fallenhero

    Cybertruck is the best family car you can buy. Will it be your family vehicle?

    I never ever had the need for a pickup but the moment I saw the Cybertruck, I wanted it. Kids are excited too. They think its cool looking so that is all i need. :)
  8. Fallenhero

    New Members Welcome Area!

    Stan here from Sunrise, FL. Put my pre order down the moment Elon said you could! :) Looks like im about 6000 in line supposedly. Just came along this site where trying to find out about the reservation numbers. Can't wait. 2 years to go!!!!