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  1. Headlight look-aside for seeing into dark corners

    I have no idea how to suggest this via Twitter or TeslaTap. How to do this?
  2. Headlight look-aside for seeing into dark corners

    Exactly. RAM pickup trucks have been doing this for a couple of years now. Maybe Ford as well? I think in RAM's case the headlight actually swivels to do this. CT wouldn't require any moving parts.
  3. Headlight look-aside for seeing into dark corners

    Hmmm…. Not used to thinking about self driving vehicles. But even with self driving it would be easier to monitor the process (we’re still supposed to be in control, right?) if I could see into dark corners. Guess I could just watch the AI screen but there have been some cases where the AI...
  4. Headlight look-aside for seeing into dark corners

    I live in a very dark area with no street lights at corners. Turning at these corners, it's very hard to see where the road is let alone see any obstructions such as parked cars. Will CT or X provide any help here, as in headlights that light up to the side when I go to turn? That would be...
  5. Will RWS be standard or optional?

    Could this be something else that gets put into all CTs but only unlocked via OTA software update if you pay for it? If they're going to a single front/mid/rear casting, how does that play out. Would a different rear casting be required for RWS?
  6. Hazmat transport

    Gonna be a bitch cleaning out the T-slots in the bed floor if you spill something.
  7. Replacement tire price will be a shock

    My 2009 F250 tires last year, including new spare, was $1600. Brake overhaul another $1600. Baby was expensive last year. Eagerly awaiting my CT3 FSD, probably 4-5 years off as there are a million trucks ahead of mine in the queue. Probably will sell F250 when I get CT. Or I might keep it as...
  8. Anyone else concerned about fog without radar?

    Radar has no hope of seeing lane markings on the road, recognizing traffic lights and knowing what color they are or if they're blinking, recognizing traffic sign content (construction site flagger holding slow/stop sign, detour, lane metering), emergency vehicle lights, etc. So it's obvious to...
  9. Travel Trailer will charge my Cybertruck

    I would also not want to go over about 80% of any of the weight limits. You want to have a comfortable buffer for both safety and insurance reasons. And we always pack more than we plan to.
  10. These Off-Grid, Luxury Travel Trailers Pack Enough Oomph to Power a Tesla Cybertruck

    Nice concept, like the Murphy bed office. But it’s a boatload of money and not at all aerodynamic. Buying a bunch of Tesla stock. If it takes off as expected in the next few years this trailer might become affordable. Mike
  11. 610 miles of range for Cybertruck - is it for real?

    Many comments here from folks who know a good bit more than I do. I’ll just say I’m hoping the 600 mi range is real because I’d very much like to get 300 mi pulling a trailer.