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  1. What if your place in line cost $1000.00?

    $1k probably, $5-10k probably not. They'd need to be at least paying interest on my money. I've been sticking the CT downpayment money into TSLA stock and it's been doing much better that way. I figure if the stock tanks THAT much that I lose it then there's probably no truck anyhow.
  2. Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    Picking it up would be fun, especially since I have family to visit near there. For those worried about insurance, etc. I bought a new car in CA and drove it back to WA. The dealer had no problem getting the taxes straight and working with my lender in WA. My insurance co was also very...
  3. Corrosion resistance in Cybertruck may not be perfect

    I always thought the "X" in 30X was for SpaceX's stainless formula. For a while they said Starship was going to be made out of their proprietary "30X" stainless alloy. I believe since then they've changed to a more standard formula, maybe that's just for prototypes?
  4. Bed Lining

    I'm hoping for something like delrin nylon strips that can go over the slots. Would make sliding cargo in and out easy (and tying it down mandatory).
  5. Anyone polishing their Stainless Steel Cybertruck to a mirror like finish?

    Maybe I'll just polish the tailgate for those jerks who like to follow with high beams on.
  6. Tesla packaged trailer upgrade kit

    Yes, this exactly. Just add a battery pack to the trailer. A huge battery in a trailer would already be a selling point. Have Tesla develop (and release specs for free) a standardized trailer/aux pack connector. Trailer manufacturers can start putting it in trailers right away using whatever...
  7. Long Range 2-motor?

    Thank you for that info! I'd better start saving my pennies for that extra pack. I think you probably are on to something there. It's likely the optimistic numbers that the guys in the labs are saying for new batteries. Hopefully problems realizing that in production are not what's delaying...
  8. Long Range 2-motor?

    Has anyone heard talk of adding a long range option to the 2-motor truck at purchase? I really want the 500 mile range (for towing our travel trailer) but I don't need the expense or capability of the 3-motor version. 300 miles is just too short. If I go by my gas truck I can expect roughly...
  9. Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    My guess: 1) An off-road light bar (roof), probably combined with a brush bar. I won't be getting it but I think that combo would look pretty good. 2) Wheels, or at least new/modded hub caps. I think the stock caps will be prone to damage and maybe even popping off if you air down the tires...