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  1. Eight Foot Bed on Cybertruck

    I really wish the Avalanche was more popular. I owned a 2008 Avalanche and to date it is still my favorite vehicle I've owned. Personally I think it looked great, but unfortunately it didn't tow or haul as much as a Silverado from my memory. In my opinion, given it was based on the Suburban and...
  2. Purchase Sight Unseen...?

    I'd like to say I'll purchase sight unseen, but I doubt it. That's a lot of money to spend not knowing how the seats feel, how comfortable it is to drive, how the views are, etc.
  3. Cybertruck Interior: Tough or Fancy?

    I voted luxury. Luxury probably isn't the word for what I want, but I want comfort and features. I test drove the 2019 Ram when I was looking to trade in my Avalanche and the Ram was the nicest truck interior I've ever sat in.
  4. Couple Features For Consideration

    I agree with this. I have Android Auto (not wireless unfortunately) in my Trax and I love being able to control YouTube Music and whatever other apps I want to use directly on the screen. Safer and more convenient than picking up my phone. I miss it everytime I drive my wife's Explorer, which...
  5. Model S features to Cybertruck?

    I'd like to see the Cybertruck get all the new features except the yoke. Please offer a standard wheel.
  6. Naming your CyberTruck

    Marty and Silver Surfer have been floating around in my head.
  7. 600+ Range For Cybertruck

    Thank you ajdelange and Crissa. I appreciate the explanations a lot.
  8. 600+ Range For Cybertruck

    Either I'm not understanding something, or maybe I asked my question wrong. I wasn't asking about regen from the trailer, just how the trailer brakes are told to activate by the EV. Let's assume I'm pulling a trailer with a Model X to use a current vehicle as an example. If I'm one pedal...
  9. 600+ Range For Cybertruck

    This made me think of something. I don't tow, so I could have this wrong. With ICE vehicles, the trailer brakes are applied as the vehicle's brakes are applied. When towing with an EV, I assume the same is true when using the brakes. However, when using regenerative braking, does the EV apply...
  10. New steering wheel hint?

    Agreed. I'd like to see them take the current designs, add heating, and maybe a few more buttons. I doubt that we'll get more buttons though.
  11. Wheel covers have to be deleted.

    I really like the covers. And because they are covers, they call be taken off when using the truck in an activity that may ruin them. Curb rash is another issue, but any wheel can be damaged by that. I just be careful to not hit curbs.
  12. First Cybertruck specific supercharger spots have been approved

    As of now, I don't tow. When I do, it'll likely be small and around town, like taking a jet ski to the river 5 minutes from my house if I ever buy a jet ski. As such, I don't really have a dog in the fight. Feel free to call me our if I don't know what I'm talking about. However, I do still...
  13. What is your make-or-break Cybertruck feature?

    From your poll, I suppose it would be the truck being fully electric. But I don't think that's really a feature unless you're cross shopping with non-EVs. Given that I want an EV, my next important feature would be the steel skin. It's not that I need the specific body style, but it's what the...
  14. Tailgate.

    I'm wondering the same thing. Rewatching the Jay Leno segment, it appears the tailgate goes past 90° when Elon stands on the bed cover.
  15. Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    The way I have always understood the names of Tesla's cars, the car's name is Model Y. "Model" is part of the name. So it makes sense to have "Model Y" on the car.
  16. Are you getting comprehensive insurance coverage on your Cybertruck?

    Yes, for 2 reasons. First, lenders (in my experience, at least) require comprehensive insurance on financed vehicles, which mine will be. Second, comprehensive insurance covers the glass. I'm willing to bet the glass on the CT will be expensive, so I'd rather pay a deductible than pay to replace...
  17. Video: Sandy Munrow discusses Tesla Battery Day

    I fully agree. I just think there were people who probably expected price drops and/or spec improvements. I'm very impressed with what we got.
  18. Video: Sandy Munrow discusses Tesla Battery Day

    I'm guessing people who aren't interested in the tech wanted to hear how the tech directly affects their products. For example, "Because of these developments, we will soon be able to drop the price of the Model 3 by $5000 while increasing its range by 100 miles." I picked random numbers, but I...
  19. Watch the Tesla Battery Day Livestream & Post Your Reactions Here

    I assume the CT's specs were based on the new developments. This work can't be brand new to them, so I think they designed the CT with the new tech/production in mind. I could be wrong, but that would explain the truck's specs to price value compared to the 3 and Y.
  20. Let's be honest - who disliked and/or was repulsed by the Cybertruck when they first saw it?

    When I was watching the reveal, the first thing I said was, "What the fuck is that? He's joking right?" About a week or so later I switched form hating to appreciating, then I eventually decided it's a badass looking truck.