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  1. Engineering Explained: F-150 better than Cybertruck for towing duty (over distance)

    My experience with my own trucks is around 45% loss or so towing a 5000lb car and hauler combo. It really depends on terrain. Tesla had little to say for inquiries into the model x's towing range. The problem i see is that an extended range battery is a must on the dual motor CT.
  2. Engineering Explained: F-150 better than Cybertruck for towing duty (over distance)

    The biggest issue I see is Tesla constantly avoiding the subject. The model x with even a moderate load drops to 40% of its range. Unless the CT has some crazy new motor or battery design I don't see any advantage or efficiency increase while it's towing. I expect it to lose electrons like...
  3. Matte Black / Gray Cybertruck Spotted at Tesla Design Studio?

    You want to significantly increase the cost of a vehicle just add paint.
  4. Cybertruck wouldn't be approved for sale in Europe (in current form)

    I don't think the design is even approved in the usa either. It's still basically an uncertified test mule.
  5. Cybertruck Shows Off Acceleration in New Video

    They don't look like a Tesla inlay door handle. They're definitely looking like a standard f150 type handle. It's a test mule so thinking maybe it's saving money or just seeing how they work. I personally would prefer an exposed handle. It routinely gets well below zero in LaCrosse wi. So...
  6. Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    I'm 387,xxx. I'm hopeful that the kinks will be ironed out by then.
  7. Multispoke Production Wheels on Cybertruck in Workshop / Studio?

    Definitely look like more of a production wheel. I'd suspect AW or AT series tires and not the mud tires they've got now.
  8. Folding Rear Seat Latch Spotted in Cybertruck?

    Mandatory folding rear seats. It's gonna be useless as a truck if it doesn't give a nice flat floor with no seat in the way.
  9. Augmented reality app visualizes if Cybertruck fits in your garage (or anywhere else)

    If a crew cab f150 fits the cyber truck will fit. They are almost identical dimensions.
  10. Cybertruck Shows Off Acceleration in New Video

    There's definitely more than 1 of these doing testing. Im sure the standard door handles in the video will be more of the production model. I'm in a northern climate and if any part of the door doesn't work I'm screwed. So i expect standard exposed handles.
  11. Cybertruck preorder popularity map (compared to Model 3)

    I'm in western Wisconsin along the Mississippi river. I'm thinking only one in my town. There are currently 0 dealers in Wisconsin.
  12. Musk retweets P100D out-towing F-150 video: "Anymore excuses Ford? Imagine what the Cybertruck will do"

    Its great to see an electric win a tug of war but that isn't what either of these vehicles were designed to do. I say load them with payload and a trailer and see what they can do. The p100d will barely make 100 miles at full towing capacity. That is the only weakness of this vehicle. I...