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  1. CyberRich

    FSD Beta v9 v10 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    I 100% agree with OP. I recently saw one of the new FSD Youtubers that wanted to get an early video of a recent beta release posted. He had his wife and infant in the car and was distracted by the infant multiple times while FSD was engaged and commentating on the video. What a nightmare. Tesla...
  2. CyberRich

    Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    Aside from the complex hookups duly noted above, does anyone really believe that tiny battery is gonna power your house for 3 days??? What are the limitations? Only power a few small devices? No doubt you’ll have to buy the maximum battery size at $90,000 to get anything close to their claims...
  3. CyberRich

    About 150 Cadillac dealers take GM buyouts rather than invest in EV's

    More opportunity for Tesla to buy up dealership properties in strategic locations and turned into sales/service centers.
  4. CyberRich

    Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    Car cover? What’s you rationale behind that choice, given that the truck‘s not painted?
  5. CyberRich

    Cyber Will be a massive comfortable fortress during hurricanes

    I‘ve considered this advantage for those of us here in Florida. Now I’m thinking I might upgrade to the tri-motor to get the maximum size battery pack.
  6. CyberRich

    First experience at Tesla dealership drove away unsuccessful and very turned off

    Before you go, schedule a test drive. You’ll love it.
  7. CyberRich

    updated order

    Single motor FSD will be way more valuable.
  8. CyberRich

    Vandalism concerns

    I would disagree that Tesla vandalism is commonplace as OP suggests. Yeah it looks bad when you see the videos, but there are hundreds of thousands of Teslas on the road. The instances of vandalism caught on video is relatively small in comparison. I would contend that other cars get damaged...
  9. CyberRich

    Cybertruck colors and graphics improvements (renderings)

    Amazing how much those graphics really make this beast look even more appealing. Not sure if Elon will change that roof line.
  10. CyberRich


    The lack of any visible wiper blades on the Cybertruck has left a question mark as to how Tesla will implement this function in the production version. It just happens to be that Tesla has filed for, not one, but two patents for wiper inventions in the past year. Which do you think is more...
  11. CyberRich

    Article - Tesla Cybertruck: What Will Real Pickup Truck People Think?

    The press seems be so worried about whether traditional truck buyers will want the Cybertruck. They are completely overlooking the fact that this vehicle is being preordered by many people that never even owned a truck before. Tesla has opened up a whole new market.
  12. CyberRich

    Cybertruck Tires

    One of the test drive videos identified Goodyear tires on the truck. The Motor Trend article generically said 35s. Has anyone been able to figure out what type and size? Just curious about the cost to replace them. These are close but not identical...
  13. CyberRich

    Purchase notification

    For the Model 3 launch, they shipped to California first and then worked their way across the country. If Cybrtrck is the same it will depend on your location, when you placed your order, and then the trim level you want. Higher end trims ship first.
  14. CyberRich

    Poll: Which special features will Cybertruck have?

    Seating for 7 (w/2 jump seats in the bed)
  15. CyberRich

    New Members Welcome Area!

    Most anticipated product launch this year. Can’t wait!