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  1. How can the Tri-Motor Cybertruck at $70k possibly be real?

    There's pretty much no parts , just a cast. A majority of the Cybertruck will cost next to nothing to produce besides materials cost. The rest is overhead and the bills already accounted for

    GME shorts liquidating their long positions to fund the battle, expect it to get worse
  3. Tesla Seeking Govt Approval to Control its Cars by Phones / Tablets in the Future

    That's pretty big news, I would've thought the NHTSA would drag their feet
  4. Will it tow an Airstream?

    I sell Airstream occasionally... The GVWR seems to be no issue for that size if you go with the dual or tri motor CT. The tongue weight is often what stops a truck from being able to tow a trailer, but with the adaptive air suspension I would suspect that CT is above average in that department...
  5. Lordstown Motors, Camping World Partner On Future Electric RV, Servicing

    I work in the RV industry and the main thing I've learned is stay far away from anything that has Camping World's name on it