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  1. Alien Technology **Confirmed**

    I don't know about you, but I'm kinda rocking the patina finish on the
  2. China Adventure?

    ...Cool to take a summer and take a 'Good Will CT' across most of the continents of the world... ...yeah......maybe one day when I get RED BULL to sponsor...;)
  3. China Adventure?

    Cost to transport CT from US to China and back under $5000...expensive!...but once in a lifetime kinda trip in the future? I spoke to a guy once who shipped US Muscle cars for their owners, from US to Europe to drive through countries, as apparently they get a lot of attention there... must've...
  4. China Adventure?

    How cool would an American/Chinese Cybertruck rally across the East West Silk Road be? Crazy,right?
  5. Armor Glass Windshield

    I think the CT windshield will be less susceptible to cracks caused by impacts from pebbles and small rocks due to the extreme angle. It‘s the polar opposite from a Jeep Wrangler windshield that is notorious for cracking. I was thinking that Elon said one of the main 'down time' for semi is the...
  6. Welcome to the year of the CYBERTRUCK

    **Is it too early to start planning the Annual International Cybertruck Rally in Vegas...June 2022? With after market competitions; wrap competitions and a rally from Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back?**
  7. Initial Public Offering

    If the CT has a very low VIN and since it is a completely new type of vehicle that will be part of a disruptive change in transportation and utility, I think a collector could easily pay $250,000 and never put it on the road.
  8. Custom Dash or Console anyone?

    I would also like a lockable glove box and perhaps a 'tray' or shelf below the dash and while we are at it.....cup holders in the folks use cup holders for so much more today.
  9. Tesla has its own crash lab in Fremont

    Agreed-you want the seat to absorb some of the impact by having 'give' ,but also want to protect the little ones on the back seat as the seat back goes backwards...perhaps give to a point-but no further? These Tesla folks can make it happen ;)
  10. Tesla has its own crash lab in Fremont

    I'm also hoping for a wicked strong front seat left and right. It is 2020-we gotta do even better.
  11. Who's your favorite poster?

    I second the motion. Dids
  12. Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    We need a local teenager with a video drone to get us some video of the construction like Germany!
  13. Come On NORTH CAROLINA...represent!

    WOW! A lot of folks from the Palmetto State!
  14. F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    Hey I'm liking the 'Sleeper Seats' too...but not sure if you can have front sleeper seats and the mid-gate with fold down rear seats in the same configuration?
  15. Come On NORTH CAROLINA...represent!

    I think I am around 75K...I bet the Model 3 SR white/white is sweet. After the CT my wife says I have to get her a 3.
  16. Come On NORTH CAROLINA...represent!

    Wow! Great Pic! The only thing that will make it better is your CT!
  17. Come On NORTH CAROLINA...represent!

    There appear to be at least 25 to 30 of us crazy guys here in the Ol North State willing to wait through at least 2 Christmases to get the "Bad Ass Super Cool" ride of our dreams. At least 7 months has passed. Are you there?
  18. Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    Multiple storage compartments-If you just have the center console/seat storage it will be like my wife going through her pocketbook where everything gets lost! ;) places for 'different things' makes it easier to get your hands on it quick......Glove Box in dash; Shelf under the...
  19. Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    Agree this is a big item with so much the south it will be HOT-we are talking melt your stuff hot!