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  1. What would prevent your purchase?

    EMP attack will prevent me from purchasing the CT, or any other EV. Other than that, I'm in.
  2. What music / songs will you blast on day 1 of Cybertruck ownership?

    What tunes will you blast the first day in the Cybertruck? I will crank Judas Priest's "Sin After Sin" and "Sad Wings of Destiny" albums on rotation for the first week and sprinkle in some Motorhead! Heavy Metal on down!
  3. Cybertruck Options - When?

    I'm with you on the cooling seats
  4. Name your top 5 reasons why you pre-ordered a Cybertruck

    Top 5 1) No rock chips (armored glass) 2) No bush or tree limb rub marks - no paint 3) Quick - 2 motor 0-60 4.5 sec 4) 6.5 ft bed 5) No door dings - Cybertruck SS (stainless steel)
  5. Kansas

    Wichita, KS