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  1. CT Camp Mode

    Here are my plans for my CT
  2. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    what is the length the camper there. so the vault is 6.5’ with the tailgate up and with it down an 8’x4’ sheet can fit. with the telescopic ramp out maybe a camper could be around 12’ long? I wonder about a removable solid box on small wheels that could be pushed on and off
  3. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    exactly the same for me, yes essential for stealth purposes I want to be able to go from bedroom to the cab through the inside I will find a way to do it even if not standard
  4. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    yes when it’s in ramp mode👍 has the telescopic ramp ever been factored into any camping conversion ideas?
  5. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    that picture is awesome look how much room there is and with the tail gate down you could carry very long loads if it’s not there as standard then I will cut a hole and make a hatch using parts from a yacht
  6. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    Would it be possible to cut a hatch into the bulkhead maybe behind the middle rear seat? the middle front seat folds down so maybe the rear ones do as well for stealth camping you don’t want to have to open the vault to climb out as this gives the game away and you will probably have to move...
  7. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    CT really is the ultimate camping vehicle it’s like a little camping pod on wheels. The cab is the dinning living room and vault the bedroom and everything else
  8. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    Is it possible to get from the cab into the vault inside through the bulkhead?
  9. I am holding firm on my CT reservation for the UK. Who else ?

    I just read it could be another 3-4 years before cybertruck is released in the UK? Surely that is very bad customer service to be keeping our deposits for such a long time as if that was the case not so many of us would have preordered
  10. Camper for cybertruck

    There are a few in the works but I’m planning on building my own. Elon has confirmed the bed will be able to carry a 8’x4’ sheet of ply with the tail gate down and a flip stop to hold it in place So that’s the dimensions I’m working with 8’x4’ base but haven’t made any decisions yet on if to...