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  1. ~Jek~

    Cybertruck Horn

    Boombox only completely overrides the horn sound while parked. If you're in drive the oem horn will still sound first and the boombox sound will play after, for safety reasons.
  2. ~Jek~

    Study reveals EV secret: They are driven less than gas cars

    Personally I drive my Model 3 more then I ever have any other vehicle. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. ~Jek~

    37” tire option

    The tires that were on the one at the museum weren't marked with their size but they were massive, at least a 35 if not a 37. If they were 35s then a 37 will definitely fit, there was plenty of room in the wells and the air suspension seemed to be resting at mid height.
  4. ~Jek~

    Portal Axels?

    I consider a portal axle the old school unimog solid axle, and those as hub drop boxes 🤷🏻‍♂️ either way, if the cybertruck has those.... I'll be even more excited!
  5. ~Jek~

    Portal Axels?

    Im not sure you know what a portal axle is 😅 the cybertruck is independent suspension front and rear. Anywho, I got a close picture of the front knuckles when I saw it in person in july. They appear to be made of stainless or polished aluminum which caught my eye.
  6. ~Jek~

    The Tesla Cybertruck’s steel exterior doesn’t need wraps to look stunning.

    Heres the issue with that. In order to do this type of treatment you would have to disassemble the ENTIRE vehicle to remove anything that can't handle those temperatures. All interior, windows, the whole drive train, the battery pack etc... (and you cant remove the batteries if its a cell to...
  7. ~Jek~

    Tesla now selling Tequila!

    Its still available, I just ordered to a friend's house since my state doesnt allow liquor shipment 😒 Thinking I'll celebrate my Cybertruck delivery with a shot
  8. ~Jek~

    Anyone else have their FSD option now say $8k?

    My Model 3 that was ordered right before the FSD increase shows up as $10,000 when I selected it at $8,000. Its just a website issue.