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  1. Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    I plan to buy both. I plan to buy the Y late this year - early next year. AT over 400K in line for the CT, I expect that I will not get it till 2023-2024. If they make the tri-motor first, I might get it towards the end of 2022/2023. I am hoping they will have an air suspension for the Y so I...
  2. CT's Airbag Suspension?

    Sounds like Tesla is changing direction from using the same/similar air suspense as the Model S/X to one that is design for the Cybertruck. Does anyone have any info on this?
  3. Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup will be able to power a camper

    Not a whole lot. Primarily these are the differences: 1. Tiny homes are not design to be moving around. It doesn't have a lot of hold down and special locking cabinet, etc. 2. Tiny homes usually are hard lined into the utilities. 3. Trailers are more aerodynamic with an integrated towing...
  4. Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    If given the option, I would like to fly down to TX and pickup the truck and then head to CA to pickup the Polydrops trailer to do a road trip across this great country of ours!
  5. Tesla packaged trailer upgrade kit

    I saw that video the other day. I think he got around 500 miles while towing his teardrop trailer that houses the additional battery. I really want to know how he connect to the charging/electrical system to feed power into the x while driving. Some of the electrical wiring was interesting...
  6. This Camper With 240-kWh Battery, Twin Motors Is An Electric Car Owner's Dream

    I would love to buy one of these. I will be looking a teardop trailer once my cybertruck comes in. I would love if it is able to provide a few miles of emergency charging for the truck if needed. Would like to be able to charge the battery in trailer w/ solar. I would not have issue carrying...
  7. Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    I agree with your assessment. I heard somewhere that the Model Y will be produce first at the factory follow by the Cyber Truck and/or the Model 3. I don't expect my delivery till 2023 (~400K mark on the reservation list for a tri-motor.)
  8. Independent Cybertruck Drag Coefficient Analysis Yields 0.34 Cd

    I would love to see how towing a trailer would affect aerodynamics compare to a F150. With a trailer, the aerodynamics could be the same as a F150 or worse when towing a trailer.
  9. The cost of the highest version?

    I think that is cost w/ saving. You need to select full price.
  10. Adding Self Driving Post Reservation?

    I added the FSD option right before it went up to $8K USD. I was thinking to add it after the fact to save some on tax, etc. Seeing that it was going to go up $1K, I decided to get it right away and cancel later if needed. I am hoping that having this option will move me up a bit.
  11. Charging directly from solar panels

    I believe there might be a DC to DC charger built in. If you are able to tap into that, that might work. No idea what the min volt and amp will be required.