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  1. Report: Vaporware Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Delayed Until 2023

    And I are the worlds most handsomest man!
  2. GM unveils new electric motors that will power its future EVs, starting with Hummer EV

    With a name like “Ultium” it must be superific! :unsure:
  3. Where to mount VHF/UHF and HF antennas on Cybnertruck?

    Why not have external mounting points in certain places and a conduit that runs from the bed to the cab that can be used to route wires for aftermarket gear.
  4. Electrek: Dems propose new $12,500 electric car rebate, Tesla left with $4,500 disadvantage

    Saying you are anti-fascist doesn’t make you an anti-fascist. Shouting down and physically assaulting those that disagree with you puts you in the ballpark with fascists.
  5. Rivian Starts shipping to Customer

    I hope as many people as possible ahead of me on the CT waiting list purchase a Rivian.
  6. Electrek: Dems propose new $12,500 electric car rebate, Tesla left with $4,500 disadvantage

    Or a summer of riots, looting and violence by leftist mobs.
  7. Electrek: Dems propose new $12,500 electric car rebate, Tesla left with $4,500 disadvantage

    People are free to kneel, but that doesn't mean anyone has to like it.
  8. The New Union-Focused EV Tax Credit Bonus & American-Made Tax Credit Cut Proposed In The House Is Stupid

    It’s no mystery. The Democrats are paying back all the support they receive from unions.
  9. Man on bench not included

    I was looking at large SUVs, but decided to wait for the CT. 6 passengers, plenty of storage in addition to all the other obvious CT coolness did it for me.
  10. A Unionized Tesla Workforce Could Benefit All Parties

    NYC at least. Public sector unions are a bane on existence. They donate to the person they are then negotiating with. Is there a large city in the country that has a good school system?
  11. My CT would have....

    I’d like a spare and a winch as an option in the frunk.
  12. While we're waiting for Cybertruck, how about a cross-country tour?

    I'd rather see a cross country tour than what Rivian did. Plan out stops so those that want to can get an up close and personal view and touch the darn thing. Would be awesome, free advertisement and get another 10 thousand or so $100 pledges. :)
  13. Tesla (TSLA) gets bullish forecast with conservative Cybertruck production (under)estimate

    I’m 2.5 million or so in line. Hoping for 4Q 2024.
  14. New Members Welcome Area!

    Howdy! I've gone through life always buying vehicles that I could afford, served my purposes and I drive them them until they drop. I'll be retiring in a few years and my next new car purchase could be my last so I wanted to reward myself with something that not only served my purposes, but...