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    Cybertruck Wrap Ideas?

    Reminds me of this:
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    Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    Private landowners who own forested land could be given tax incentives to "de-brush" their properties. All the brush, branches, dead trees, etc. (that's the stuff that fuels forest fires. The big trees just end up suffering as a result) would be cut down, picked up, and hauled to businesses that...
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    CT's computer and cosmic rays?

    I've watched this video yesterday: And today, I was wondering, has any car's computer had a hiccup due to cosmic rays? Any reports of Tesla's cars getting bit-flipped? Would the CT's SS exterior make it any less likely? Seems not much, given that some rays already pass through the atmosphere...
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    Bird droppings on stainless steel

    Birds eat sand. That's (probably most likely) why scrubbing off bird droppings causes scratches.
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    Evil plan, math is flawless

    Plot twist: John K's insurance agent's favorite website is
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    All wheel steering - how does it work?

    This video explains it well: Edit: Turns out Crissa beat me by 15 minutes. I had to watch the video first, to make sure it actually applies to the topic at hand.
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    Can Tesla cars be charged at a non-Tesla charger?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. I tried finding the answer with a search engine, but all I found was stuff about charging non-Tesla cars at Tesla Superchargers. If this has already been answered, please post the URL to that thread, or merge this one.
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    Giant Cybertruck silhouette starting to appear on GigaTexas factory facade

    Yes! After all, Texas is known for their pewpews.
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    Cybertruck is a ROBOT

    Despite that being a seemingly common movie trope, that is a complete disqualification when testing biometric security systems. "Will not work with severed thumbs", or anything like it, will have to be a selling point, just to discourage crooks who might think of it.
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    Will RWS be standard or optional?

    It is possible. It would include a truckload of complexity, both in hardware and in software. The main source of the complexity will be that each wheel will have to turn to a different angle, so that all the wheels will trace out concentric circles. If an autobody expert and a computer nerd put...
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    My CT would have....

    The more I think about it, the more I am having my doubts. You are probably right, anionic1. Something I have noticed in the pictures, and no one else seemed to have mentioned, are what appears to be tie-down points in the side walls, near the corners. With those, there is little need for T-slots.
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    My CT would have....

    I understand there is little evidence of T-slots. Hence, my hypothesis. I do not see forklifts being a problem. Every CT owner will just have to tell any forklift operators to watch what they are doing. The door to the underbed compartment would be a greater concern. I would never think the bed...
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    My CT would have....

    T-slots are probably one of those things that is not on the prototype, but will be included standard in production. The ends of the slots will probably have ramps to facilitate removal of debris. Like in the sketch below: This would also help with the insertion of fasteners.
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    Tesla shows angular glass patent

    Or just cook 'em extra crispy. Then will just bounce off without having any chance of making the windshield look like my splavatar (splat avatar).
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    Petrol-based Cybertruck.v. Soy-based please

    Someone needs to add something rodent-repelling to the insulation ingredients. Bitrex comes to mind, don't know if that would work.
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    Cybertruck spotted in Fremont plant

    If I knew this was an old thread, I would not have contributed. I do not always look at the dates. The reply box should have a sign above it like "This thread is over [qty.] [unit of time] old" or similar on all threads over, say, 120 days old.
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    Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    I immediately understood H2O2 = Hydrogen Peroxide. Probably something I will keep in my Cybertruck.
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    Tempering the steel for new color.

    Maybe try bluing liquid. It is used in gunsmithing. How well will it work on stainless steel, I have no idea. Someone will have to experiment. I do not have any bluing liquid, otherwise, I would experiment right now on whatever scrap of SS I have.
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    Build Your Cybertruck With Our 3D Configurator Visualization Tool

    Oh, I did not know I could. After all, it's called SS for a reason. Here it is in Plaid Mode! Enjoy! haha